Biden Is Turning Out to Be More Like Obama Than FDR
After passing stimulus programs and promising a Roosevelt-like administration, President Biden and national Democrats are back to embracing austerity. We deserve better.
Scott Remer
On CORE’s 15th Anniversary, Reflecting on the Teachers Caucus That Changed Chicago—and the Nation
The Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators was formed in 2008 when a group of educators and union members came together to transform the Chicago Teachers Union. What they would build would end up changing the city—and country—forever.
Jackson Potter
Republicans Are Now Trying to Defund the Libraries
Claiming to protect children, Republicans are going after libraries and librarians instead of the police, gun manufacturers, and actual child sexual abusers.
Sonali Kolhatkar
How Land Swaps Turn Public Lands into Private Playgrounds
Land exchanges, a management tool used by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, too often benefit rich landowners at the public’s expense.
Erica Rosenberg
The War Over No Strike Clauses Has a New Front Line
In Erie, PA, Wabtec workers are poised to fight for the right to strike.
Hamilton Nolan
You Can’t Organize Alone
Political education used to happen in person. We should bring that practice back.
Keisa Reynolds
The College Board’s Profiteering Should Have No Place in Public Education
The College Board is selling our students' futures. It's just business as usual under racial capitalism.
Kinjo Kiema
A Billionaire Conserving Montana Is Funding the Group Bulldozing the Atlanta Forest
Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank is helping fund the forces behind Cop City.
Joseph Bullington
Rolling Back a Century of Progress, Republicans Are Reviving Child Labor
It might seem unimaginable that we're backsliding into the era of exploiting child labor. But that’s precisely what the GOP appears to be doing.
Sonali Kolhatkar
The Left Case for the Trillion Dollar Coin
Gimmick? Maybe. Path out of the debt ceiling mess? Absolutely.
Maurice BP Weeks
Bernie and Brandon Endorse Biden. What's the Takeaway?
This shows what two hardnosed progressives believe they need from a national governing coalition.
Max Elbaum
Helen Gym Lost, But Philly’s Progressive Movement Isn’t Going Anywhere
Gym may not have emerged victorious in the mayoral primary, but the labor-left coalition that powered her campaign has emerged as a formidable political force.
Mindy Isser
The Attack on Al-Aqsa and the Specter of a Second Nakba
The violence during Ramadan underscores how Israel's aggressive policies aim to humiliate Palestinians and threaten their existence.
Jehad Abusalim
Helen Gym Has Won Big for Working People
Critics claim that Helen Gym has no track record of tangible accomplishments. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
David I. Backer
Private Jets Are Dirty Luxuries for the Ultra Rich. Let’s Tax Them.
The private jet industry is destroying the climate and intensifying inequality. Rather than providing subsidies, we should tax the hell out of it.
Kalena Thomhave and Omar Ocampo
My Great-Uncle Was Shot at the Memorial Day Massacre. Why Was This Working Class History Silenced?
In 1937, police killed striking steel workers in Chicago, but the story behind the tragedy was repressed. No more.
Carol Quirke
Democrats Shouldn’t Fall for McCarthy’s Debt Limit Ransom Attempt
Republicans are threatening to tank the global economy if President Biden doesn’t agree to slash spending on social welfare programs. It’s a trap.
Max B. Sawicky
Democrats Should Run on Progressive Approaches to Public Safety. Here’s Proof.
Brandon Johnson’s victory in Chicago and the failure of attacks on bail reform in Illinois show that voters want to address the root causes of crime. Democratic Party, take notice.
Will Tanzman and Tanya Watkins
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