A Scab Running for President Calls for Firing UAW President Shawn Fain
“Don’t get played by this scab billionaire,” Fain, president of the United Auto Workers, said in response to Donald Trump. “Stand up and fight for more.”
Luis Feliz Leon
There’s No Good Reason To Be Spending Nearly $1 Trillion On Our Military Budget
Congress is spending on the military like it’s World War III. Diverting that money to jobs, healthcare, and the climate would make us far safer.
Lindsay Koshgarian
The Best Counter to Project 2025 Is a Progressive Project 2025
If President Biden—or any Democratic replacement—wants to get back in the race, they need a positive moral vision to run on, not just dire warnings.
Adam Johnson
A row of coal miners sit with lanterns on their helmets. The front one, in focus, looks worried.
Republicans Just Handed Down a Death Sentence to the Nation's Coal Miners
As black lung continues to kill coal miners, House Republicans moved to block enforcement of a life-saving safety rule.
Kim Kelly
Onward, Christian Soldiers—To War!
At this year’s National Conservatism Conference, a right-wing army prepares to rise.
Hamilton Nolan
The World’s Richest Just Got Extraordinarily More Wealthy—Taxing Them Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough
Lessening inequality isn’t the only reason to tax the super rich. We also need to decrease their political power while spending on social programs that benefit the working class.
Max B. Sawicky
Congress Is Leaving More than 1 Million Nonprofit Workers Out of Retirement Benefits
When investing in Americans’ future, Congress should not exclude nonprofit workers.
Chitra Ayar
Keir Starmer Is Very Serious About the Status Quo
The UK's new Prime Minister, elected on July 4, won't touch the structures that helped him ascend to power—and that hold most working people in Britain down.
Sarah Jaffe
"We Demand Justice": People's Tribunal Finds Marcos, Duterte and Biden Guilty of War Crimes
The Philippine government, with U.S. support, has engaged in violent, extralegal repression of activists, the tribunal found. The verdict is one step toward justice.
Wade Phillips, Chet Baughman and Azadeh Shahshahani
On Losing “the Greatest Teacher of Nonviolence in America”
Rev. James Lawson was my teacher, mentor and friend. We must commit to honoring his legacy.
Kent Wong
"We are New Orleans”: A Workers’ Bill of Rights Finds Common Ground
“When we came up with the Workers' Bill of Rights, it wasn't just for one group, it was for all."
Sarah Jaffe
Biden Bombed, But CNN Debate Moderators Set a New Benchmark for Cynicism
While the debate was a nightmare for team Biden, the moderators gave Trump's lies free rein—and ensured that it wasn't much of a debate at all.
Adam Johnson
Jamaal Bowman’s Loss Does Not Mean That AIPAC Is Winning
The Squad may have lost a key member, but AIPAC has had to drastically narrow its ambitions, targeting the most vulnerable of Israel critics in order to inflate its strength.
Branko Marcetic
The Myth of the "Poll-Driven" Democrat Is Cover for Conservative Policy Preferences
Selective "popularism" is being used by the Democratic Party establishment to pursue reactionary ideological goals.
Adam Johnson
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: We Must Understand Israel as a Settler-Colonial State
"Just as the U.S. celebrates itself as 'a nation of immigrants,' Zionists celebrated Palestine as a land without people for a people without land."
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
The Landmark Ruling Against Chiquita Exposes the Failure of Voluntary “Corporate Social Responsibility”
Chiquita’s financing of a Colombian paramilitary group while claiming a reputation as a “responsible corporate citizen” shows the need for robust civil society institutions.
Manpreet Kaur Kalra and Anna Canning
Trump’s Conviction Doesn’t Change the Fact That the Criminal Justice System Is Rigged In Favor of Rich Elites
The conviction of Donald Trump is not proof that the criminal justice system works—it was simply never intended to ensnare people like him.
Sonali Kolhatkar
A protester holds a placard reading "Popular Front" during a Paris demonstration on June 10, 2024.
A Right-Wing Turn to Nowhere
The banal cruelty of Europe’s “protest vote for the status quo.”
Alberto Toscano
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