Beware the Corporate Appropriation of “Sustainable” Farming Practices
Long-standing methods of agroecology can feed people, restore ecosystems and transform our food system—but not if agribusiness hollows them out.
Philip A. Loring
3 Anti-Inflation Alternatives to Raising Interest Rates
Tackling inflation requires reining in private markets—and embracing economic democracy.
Richard D. Wolff
Here's What the Criminal Justice Reform Movement Can Learn From Chesa Boudin’s Loss
Opponents of mass incarceration shouldn’t despair or write off the recall of San Francisco’s progressive DA. Instead, we should take lessons and build stronger infrastructure to propel future wins.
Janos Marton
In the Wake of Uvalde, a Teacher's Plea for Police-Free Schools
My students are safer in classrooms without cops. The latest mass school shooting only makes that clearer.
Nataliya Braginsky
I Went on Strike to Cancel My Student Debt and Won. Every Debtor Deserves the Same.
Former students of Corinthian Colleges just won the largest student debt cancelation in Education Department history. Now it’s time for Biden to cancel debt for everyone.
Ann Bowers
Don’t Let a School Shooting Become a Story About the Police
Guns are the issue. A lot of the political establishment wants you to forget that.
Hamilton Nolan
The U.S. Is Complicit in Shireen Abu Akleh's Killing
If our tax dollars are furnishing the weapons that kill journalists and other innocents, that’s not just an international crime—it’s against U.S. law, too
Phyllis Bennis and Richard Falk
If Banks Want to Be Seen as Climate-Friendly, They Need to Exit Fossil Fuels
The climate movement is stepping up pressure on banks to stop the flow of cash to the oil and gas industry.
Arielle Swernoff
America Has Embraced Forced Pregnancy
Nine months of physical and hormonal trauma to your body—with permanent and sometimes lethal consequences—is no longer your choice.
Miriam Markowitz
The Amazon Labor Union Victory Shows That Jurisdiction Is Dead
No more arguing over territory or industries—we need multi-union coalitions capable of organizing on a national scale.
Hamilton Nolan
The Rip-Off Economy Will Save Itself. It Won't Save You.
Squandering our national moment of opportunity at capitalism's casino.
Hamilton Nolan
No Half Measures, We Need Biden to Cancel All Student Loan Debt
The Debt Collective has successfully pushed Biden to extend the pause on student loan payments. Now we’re organizing to make the White House cancel all student debt.
Frederick Bell Jr.
The Food Crisis Didn’t Begin with the War in Ukraine
Even as the failures of industrial agriculture become obvious, U.S. agribusiness aims to force it on the rest of the world.
Jim Goodman
Most Price Increases from Inflation Have Gone to Corporate Profits
The inflation panic is causing some Democrats to pivot from social spending to deficit reduction. That's exactly the wrong approach.
Max B. Sawicky
How To Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine
The Left has an opportunity to support the people of Ukraine and connect international struggles, without endorsing American militarism.
Tobita Chow
How to Jujitsu the Culture Wars
It's time to make Republicans regret that they ever posed as anti-elites.
Hamilton Nolan
One Simple Trick to Protect Workers from Inflation
Union contracts could ensure economic stability among the working class amid inflation.
Hamilton Nolan
Truce or Not, Congress Must Urgently Bring About a Real End to the War on Yemen
Congress needs to pass a War Powers Resolution to end U.S. complicity in the chaos and suffering in Yemen.
Shireen Al-Adeimi
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