How to Transform Research and Innovation for the Common Good
The climate and Covid-19 crises make it abundantly clear we need to change our society's approach to research and intellectual property.
Thomas M. Hanna
Who Is Going to Stop Him?
If you don't think that Trump will steal this election, please explain why not.
Hamilton Nolan
No Parks for the Poor
In the face of budget cuts, some land management agencies are ramping up user fees — and betraying the egalitarian promise of public lands.
Joseph Bullington
What Does a “Safe Return” to School Look Like? Ask Teacher Unions.
Powerful elites are willing to sacrifice the lives and futures of millions to feed their own profits. Teachers are fighting back.
Lois Weiner and Jackson Potter
All the Options for Schooling Are Bad—But We Have to Choose Safety
On parents' impossible decision.
Chandra Thomas Whitfield
The Confederacy Won't Die Until Florida Does
Election year in the epicenter of lost causes.
Hamilton Nolan
How to Negotiate With People Who Don’t Care If You Die
To win another stimulus bill, the Democrats need to embrace chaos.
Hamilton Nolan
Healthy Food Comes from Healthy Land, Not from Laboratories
Manufactured meat substitutes do nothing to restore the ecosystems and rural communities ravaged by industrial agriculture.
Will Harris
Trump Is Inciting Racist Violence in Kenosha—And Democrats Are Complicit
Democrats are failing to articulate a clear moral vision that is opposed to Trump’s ultra-racist, law-and-order politics.
Alice Herman and Emilio Leanza
The Reconstruction-Era Legal Theory Preventing Cities and Towns from Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis
Radical times demand a radical re-conception of local politics.
Simon Davis-Cohen
The Republican Party's Puzzling Obsession with Socialism
With a pandemic ravaging the country, a historically unpopular president and no platform to run on, the GOP has set its sights on attacking socialism. It doesn’t seem to be working.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Want to Abolish the Police? The First Step Is Putting Them Under Democratic Control.
Abolition is part of a broader struggle for democracy.
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
Community Control Won’t Fix What’s Wrong with Cops
There's no reforming an inherently violent, white supremacist system. We must abolish the police.
Carl Williams and Christian Williams
To Transform Policing, We Need Community Control
An elected civilian council could crack down on police abuses, and pave the way for longer-term transformations.
Jazmine Salas
Stop Blaming Individuals for the Spread of Covid and Start Blaming the Government Response
By presenting collective, structural crises as separate, individual problems with separate, individualized solutions, the government abdicates its responsibility to meaningfully intervene.
Joel Bleifuss
15 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Another Perfect Storm Is Upon Us
When Katrina hit, the mainstream media and Congress both reacted shamefully. Their response to the pandemic is no different.
Joel Bleifuss
It’s Not Just Trump: The Neoliberal Roots of the Postal Service Crisis
We should defend the Post Office, both from Trump and the ideology of austerity that treats the agency “like a business.”
Max B. Sawicky
To Win in 2020 and Beyond, the Democrats Need a Bolder Moral Vision
The urgent case for setting our sights higher.
Rev. William Barber and Rev. Liz Theoharis
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