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Sanhita SinhaRoy

Sanhita SinhaRoy, managing editor of American Libraries magazine, is a former managing editor of In These Times and a former copy editor of Playboy. (Yes, she did read it for the articles.)

Sanhita SinhaRoy joined In These Times in 2007 as managing editor, a job she held until 2009. She worked previously as editor of the Progressive Media Project in Madison, Wis., where she solicited, edited and distributed op-ed articles from groups underrepresented in the mainstream media. She was at the project, which is affiliated with The Progressive, since 2001, joining first as associate editor.

Sanhita has served as a union steward for the UAW Local 2320 in Madison, and has been a member of the National Conference of Editorial Writers, the Asian American Journalists Association and other professional groups.

Prior to her time at the Progressive Media Project, Sanhita did freelance work for the now-defunct, where she interviewed everyday people for the web magazine’s Work section.

Her commentaries have been published in dozens of newspapers across the country, including the Baltimore Sun, Detroit Free Press, and Houston Chronicle, among others.

Sanhita graduated from Indiana University with a degree in journalism and political science.