Kate Aronoff Explains What Hillary Clinton Still Has to Do to Win Over Bernie Sanders Supporters

In this clip from NowThis Election, In These Times reporter Kate Aronoff lays out seven things Hillary Clinton should do to win the votes of Bernie Sanders supporters like herself.

The Undemocratic Origins of Superdelegates: Democracy Now! Talks to In These Times

In These Times Executive Editor Jessica Stites talks to Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman about the recent investigation "The Secret History of Superdelegates" in which documents showing the rationale for the Democratic Party's creation of the superdelegate system were published for the first time.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Why She Left the DNC and Is Endorsing Bernie Sanders

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii explains why she resigned as Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee and is endorsing Bernie Sanders as the president who can "usher in a new era of peace and prosperity." As a veteran of wars in the Middle East, Rep. Gabbard specifically highlights Sanders' foreign policy judgement, and cast him as the candidate who would eschew interventionist policies.

Cancer Patients Arrested for Protesting Big Pharma and TPP

Two women undergoing cancer treatment were arrested on World Cancer Day for occupying the office building of trade association PhRMA in protest of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which they say would lead to exorbitant costs for life-saving cancer treatments. Non-profit advocacy group Public Citizen captured the scene.

Exposing the Myth of New Orleans Charter School ‘Miracle,’ 10 Years After Katrina

Reporter Colleen Kimmett appears on the Real News Network discusses her recent investigative story that revealed that 10 years after Hurricane Katrina led to the wholesale privatization of New Orleans’ school system, public schools still dramatically outperform charters.

Bernie Sanders Now Has a Rap Theme Song—And It’s Not Bad

The track "Feel the Bern" by rapper Tony Tig may not catapult Bernie to the White House singlehandedly, but 50% of the sales will go to the Sanders campaign.

ITT’s Micah Uetricht and Rachel Cohen on the Uphill Battle for Charter-School Unionization

In These Times Associate Editor Micah Uetricht and the American Prospect's Rachel Cohen break down the obstacles that charter school teachers face when seeking to unionize, explain the longstanding rift between public and charter schools, and discuss what's next for education-reform in America.

How “Disaster Capitalism” Is Driving the Discussion of Municipal Bankruptcy in Cities Like Chicago

Saqib Bhatti sits down with Chicago Newsroom host Ken Davis to discuss his recent article for In These Times, "Why Chicago Won't Go Bankrupt—And Detroit Didn't Have To."

Chicago Police Are Tracking Cellphone Data of Activists and Black Lives Matter Protesters

Investigative reporter Joel Handley discusses his major expose for In These Times, "Who Do You Protect? Who Do You Surveil?" revealing police surveillance of peaceful activists and communities of color in Chicago and across the United States.

Progressives Are Going to Make Rahm Emanuel’s Second Term Very Difficult for “Mayor 1%”

Historian and In These Times columnist Rick Perlstein joins Democracy Now! to discuss Rahm Emanuel's victory in Chicago's mayoral race, and how progressives in the city showed they are a force to be reckoned with.