Amir Khafagy is jour­nal­ist, activist, orga­niz­er, and per­former based in New York City. His work has been fea­tured in City Lim­its, Shel­ter­force, Jacobin, City Lab, The Indypen­dent, Coun­ter­punch and The Hamp­ton Insti­tute. <b>Miles Kampf-Lassin is a Web Edi­tor at In These Times. His writ­ing has appeared in The Nation, Jacobin, Salon, Alter­net, the Chica­go Read­er and NBC News.
The Left Wave Keeps Growing with Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar’s Insurgent Win
Salazar won a stunning victory in New York by running on an ambitious left platform—and never shying away from challenging capitalism.