Rural America

The mission of Rural America In These Times is to make the issues faced by rural America part of national discourse and to overcome the rural-urban divide. 

We seek to build bridges, facilitate communication and foster cooperation between urban people who understand the value of a healthy and sustainable agricultural system, and the farmers in our rural communities that provide food that we all eat.

Latest Stories
The “Clean Energy” Industry Ravaging Natural Forests to Feed Power Generators
Claiming to be a climate solution, biomass companies want to expand wood pellet factories and export terminals to the West Coast.
Nick Engelfried
How U.S. Cities Outsource Their Carbon Emissions to Rural Areas
While the rest of country benefits, rural communities are disproportionately exposed to the pollution caused by power and food production.
Claire Carlson
Mine Water Is Spewing into this West Virginia Community While Companies Squabble Over Who Is Responsible
Since the Pinnacle Mining Complex discharged dirty mine water into area creeks, locals report polluted drinking water and widespread illness.
Ellie Heffernan
An EPA Plan to Curb Pollution Could Dump More of It Into Black Neighborhoods
A Biden Administration rule could remove "forever chemicals" from our drinking water—by incinerating them in low-income sacrifice zones.
Adam Mahoney
Oklahoma Tribes Are Fighting Corporate Consolidation of the Cattle Industry—and Building Food Sovereignty
“Food is power, and having control over your food sources is the difference between independence or subjugation.”
Ben Felder
In Texas, SpaceX's Rocket Facility is Blocking Public Beach Access
A proposed land trade would hand over even more of Boca Chica to SpaceX.
Joseph Bullington
“Crisis”: Half of Rural Hospitals Are Operating at a Loss, Hundreds Could Close
A new report paints a grim picture for small-town health care—especially in states that have not expanded Medicaid.
Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez
Can Tenants Take Back Bozeman?
Luxury construction is pushing locals out of their homes, but Bozemanites are not going quietly.
Joseph Bullington
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