Rural America

The mis­sion of Rur­al Amer­i­ca In These Times is to make the issues that rur­al Amer­i­ca is grap­pling with part of nation­al dis­course. strives to over­come the exist­ing rur­al-urban divide. 

We seek to build bridges, facil­i­tate com­mu­ni­ca­tion and fos­ter coop­er­a­tion between urban peo­ple who under­stand the val­ue of a healthy and sus­tain­able agri­cul­tur­al sys­tem, and the farm­ers in our rur­al com­mu­ni­ties that pro­vide food that we all eat.

Latest Stories
Regrowing Indigenous Agriculture Could Nourish People, Cultures and the Land
European settlement, government policies and monoculture have nearly eradicated Native American farming practices. A growing movement is reclaiming them.
Christina Gish Hill
Meatpacking Workers Say Attendance Policies Force Them to Work With Covid-19 Symptoms
As the pandemic rages, punitive attendance policies at corporate meat plants coerce sick workers into showing up, according to activists, experts and the workers themselves.
Heather Schlitz
Trump's Online SNAP Program Helps Amazon and Walmart, But Leaves Rural People Behind
The government's online food assistance program doesn’t include independent grocers and ignores the gaps in rural infrastructure.
Bryce Oates and Debbie Weingarten
How Right-Wing Groups Created an Atmosphere in which Kidnapping the Michigan Governor Made Sense
The alleged militia plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was only the most shocking episode in the campaign to undermine and politicize the state’s response to Covid-19.
Jacob Wheeler
Rural Minnesota Is Getting Less White. Meet the Progressive Women Running to Make the Government Less White, Too.
Immigrants, come to work meatpacking and farm jobs, have rejuvenated Nobles County. These women aim to make sure they're represented.
Sarah Lahm
How Decades of Corporate-Friendly Farm Policies Wrecked Rural America—And Paved the Way for Trump
A Wisconsin dairy farmer explains what Democrats need to do to rebuild rural communities and regain the ground they’ve lost.
Jim Goodman
The U.S. Still Uses Dozens of Hazardous Pesticides Banned in Other Countries
Phorate, for example—the “extremely hazardous” insecticide that is most used in the U.S.—is banned in 38 countries, including China, Brazil and India.
Pramod Acharya
Public Lands Make Up a Third of the U.S. and They're Wildly Popular
Professor John Leshy explains how, in a country that glorifies private property, the public came to own so much of the landscape.
Rhett A. Butler
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