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For the Nez Perce, a Proposed Gold Mine Is a Symbol of Broken Promises
The U.S. government stole Nez Perce treaty land to make way for gold miners in the 1860s. A century and a half later, gold mining again threatens the tribe’s homeland.
Marcie Carter
“The Amazon Workers in Bessemer Would Already Have Their Union If We Had the PRO Act”
What the union loss at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama means for the future of organizing in the Biden era.
Kim Kelly and Shaun Richman
Joe Biden Shouldn't Shy Away From the Radicalism of the New Deal
'Why the New Deal Matters' author Eric Rauchway explains why embracing FDR's signature programs is not just a moral imperative—it's good politics.
Natasha Hakimi Zapata
How the U.S. Military Reinforces Our Brutal Class System—And Vice Versa
Why does our economy ensure a constant stream of recruits? And why are the armed services so attractive to the marginalized? Vets answer these questions and more.
Maximillian Alvarez
Early Draft of AFL-CIO's Report on Police Reform Shows a Commitment to Defending Police Unions
The long-awaited draft report is an explicit rejection of calls for the labor movement to separate itself from police.
Hamilton Nolan
DispatchRural AmericaThe Wisconsin Idea
"It's a Nightmare": Inside America's Rural Housing Crisis
Across Wisconsin, low-income people are struggling to find quality, affordable housing.
Jack Kelly
FeatureThe Wisconsin Idea
In Dairy Country, a Network of Hmong and Latino Workers Fight Covid-19
Dairy production in Wisconsin relies on immigrant labor, a contradiction in a state that has seen the rise of nativist, anti-immigrant politics.
Esther Honig
Get Rid of No-Strike Clauses and Stop Begging
The right to strike is the only thing that gives working people power. Let's stop bargaining it away.
Hamilton Nolan
The Congresspeople Standing Up for Their Trans Children
Trans people, who face relentless attacks on their right to exist, are nearly absent in federal representation. Reps. Marie Newman and Pramila Jayapal, both parents to trans kids, have their backs.
Heron Greenesmith
On the Air with All (or Most) Things Considered
To mark the 50th anniversary of National Public Radio, we revisit this 1979 story on the station and its flagship program "All Things Considered," which at the time was known as "Sesame Street for adults."
Beth Bogart
This Old Steel Mill Town is Now a Hub for Green Energy
Sick of poison runoff and toxic beaches, a former steel town near Baltimore fights for clean jobs.
Dharna Noor
Rural America
As Meatpackers Stoked Fears of a Shortage, U.S. Meat Exports Increased
Citing imminent shortages, the meat industry lobbied to keep packing plants open as Covid-19 tore through workers’ ranks. At the same time, U.S. meat exports increased.
Madison McVan
Biden’s Infrastructure Plans Are a Good Start—But We Must Ensure Democratic Control
President Biden has laid out an ambitious agenda for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. To succeed, the projects should be put under public ownership.
Thomas M. Hanna
Biden's First 100 Days Have Been a Tale of Two Presidencies
When it comes to economic issues, the Biden administration has shown some surprising progressivism. On foreign policy, not so much.
Max B. Sawicky
How Police "Gang Databases" Are Being Used to Wage War on Immigrants
Wearing a certain colored hat or sporting the wrong tattoo can be enough to get somebody in the system—and eventually deported.
Maurizio Guerrero
How Chicago Teachers Won a Safer Reopening
The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has reached the end of a bitter struggle with Mayor Lori Lightfoot over reopening during the pandemic.
Catherine Henderson
Myanmar Workers Face Down a Military Dictatorship
Members of the Federation of General Workers Myanmar share their stories of resistance following the coup d'etat of February 1.
Maximillian Alvarez
In Rochester, A Police Alternative Delivers ... Police
Activists were excited about the launch of a new Person in Crisis team in a city that's suffered a string of police violence incidents—but so far, it's fallen short on its promises.
Sam Mellins
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