Biden's Foreign Policy Picks Are From the Hawkish National Security Blob. That Is a Bad Sign.
Biden's incoming team helped shape some of the most militaristic policies of the Obama administration.
Sarah Lazare
As Covid Surges, Doctors Are Striking Against "Retail Health"
A conversation with Dr. Amir Atabeygi, a physician at MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care in Thurston County, Washington.
Maximillian Alvarez
Demanding a Place for Palestinians in American Cultural Life
Palestinians aren’t just kept in misery and degradation by the Israeli occupation — they’re also silenced, at home and abroad. Palestinian activists and their supporters are trying to change that.
David Palumbo-Liu
Biden Can't Reach His Own Climate Goals Without Banning Fracking
Trump tried—and failed—to ride fears about a fracking ban to a second term. Now Biden needs to confront fossil fuels.
Wenonah Hauter
Rural America
Regrowing Indigenous Agriculture Could Nourish People, Cultures and the Land
European settlement, government policies and monoculture have nearly eradicated Native American farming practices. A growing movement is reclaiming them.
Christina Gish Hill
Republicans Never Wanted a Fair Fight
Lessons from the tumultuous election in 2000 are still relevant 20 years later.
In These Times Editors
Millions of U.S Workers for Walmart, McDonald’s and Other Corporate Giants Rely on Food Stamps and Medicaid
A new report commissioned by Bernie Sanders shows that corporations are soaking up profits—while paying workers so little they depend on government assistance to survive.
Jeff Schuhrke
Dean Spade on How Mutual Aid Will Help Us Survive Disaster
We have to fundamentally reimagine community if we want to avoid “intensive, uneven suffering followed by species extinction.”
Clara Liang
What You Need to Know About BDS
The global, nonviolent movement for Palestinian freedom.
In These Times Editors
Democrats Are Scared to Use Their Best Leverage
They need to start holding hostage the things that Republicans hold dear
Hamilton Nolan
The Women Activists Rejecting Biden’s Pro-War “Feminism”
Why anti-war feminists don't want hawkish women like Michèle Flournoy in positions of power.
Sarah Lazare
Joe Biden Owes His Victory to the Left, No Matter What the Democratic Party Says
Organizers, not consultants, delivered key states like Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. Democrats ignore this reality at their peril.
Rebecca Chowdhury
The Message from this Election? Bring the “Ruckus on the Democratic Party.”
Don't believe the establishment: The 2020 election results are a vindication of the Left’s inside-outside strategy.
Joel Bleifuss
In a Functioning Democracy, Pelosi and Schumer Would Have Already Been Tossed from Democratic Leadership
Democratic Party leaders have clung to a failed centrist political strategy. It’s time to move on—by elevating progressives.
Elias Alsbergas
Biden Must End the War He Helped Start
Yemenis call on the president-elect to stop the onslaught.
Shireen Al-Adeimi
My Grueling Search for Asylum From an Undeclared War
A member of the Honduran resistance movement tells his story.
José López
The MAGA Army Tries to Drag America to Hell
Dear Leader Trump's toy soldiers make one last stand on the streets of Washington, DC
Hamilton Nolan
Biden’s First Priority: Undo the Damage Done by Trump
President Biden can make progressive appointments and executive actions—no matter who controls the Senate.
Rick Perlstein
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