What a Just Transition Would Actually Mean for Workers
If there can be a Superfund for toxic dirt, there should be one for workers.
In These Times Editors
Want to Help Block Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee? Voting Alone Isn’t Enough.
Avoiding conservative dominion over the Supreme Court will require a mass movement of people in the streets as well as an electoral rebuke of Trump.
Michael Arria
How Trump Is Privatizing the U.S. Immigration System
The administration is allowing industries to directly control guest worker programs.
Maurizio Guerrero
Trump Is Waging War on the VA's Union, and Workers Are Living in Fear
The biggest public sector union contract in the country could be a disaster without political intervention
Hamilton Nolan
American Workers Have Lost Control of Their Time. It’s Time To Take It Back.
Whether it’s working longer hours, having no control over work schedules, or scrambling to find enough hours to pay the bills, American workers have lost control of their working time. Getting that time back is crucial—for workers’ well-being, for democracy and for weakening the tyrannical power of the boss.
Micah Uetricht
Employers Are Spying on Remote Workers in Their Homes
As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced more people to work from home, employers have begun using digital surveillance technology to increase control and maintain productivity.
Steven Hill
What’s at Stake for the Labor Movement on Election Day? Everything.
Unions hope a Biden presidency will reverse decades of anti-worker policies.
Hamilton Nolan
How to Transform Research and Innovation for the Common Good
The climate and Covid-19 crises make it abundantly clear we need to change our society's approach to research and intellectual property.
Thomas M. Hanna
Who Is Going to Stop Him?
If you don't think that Trump will steal this election, please explain why not.
Hamilton Nolan
Targeted, Imprisoned, Deported, Dead: How ICE’s Detention Can Be Deadly to Migrants
Human rights advocate Durvi Martinez was first detained by Vermont State Police. Then ICE stepped in.
Arvind Dilawar
ViewpointRural America
No Parks for the Poor
In the face of budget cuts, some land management agencies are ramping up user fees — and betraying the egalitarian promise of public lands.
Joseph Bullington
Trump’s False Claims of Rampant Voter Fraud Draw From a Well-worn Racist Playbook
Republicans have tried to suppress turnout among voters who are poor, disabled or people of color for many years.
Joel Bleifuss
A New Crisis Hotline Could Serve As an Alternative to Policing in Chicago
Police aren’t social workers. A new proposal would stop them from doing both jobs.
Taylor Moore
Unite Here Is 85% Unemployed and Still Fighting Like Hell
The economically devastated union is knocking on more doors than the entire Democratic Party
Hamilton Nolan
What Does a “Safe Return” to School Look Like? Ask Teacher Unions.
Powerful elites are willing to sacrifice the lives and futures of millions to feed their own profits. Teachers are fighting back.
Lois Weiner and Jackson Potter
All the Options for Schooling Are Bad—But We Have to Choose Safety
On parents' impossible decision.
Chandra Thomas Whitfield
Healthcare Workers Are Leading the Largest Strike Ever at the University of Illinois-Chicago
In the face of a deadly pandemic, UIC’s largely Black and Latino hospital workforce is demanding workplace safety and livable wages.
Jeff Schuhrke
Rural America
The EPA Responded to a Respiratory Virus by Relaxing Pollution Controls
Major polluters were deemed 'essential.' Under EPA policy, environmental and safety inspectors were not.
Victor B. Flatt and Joel A. Mintz
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