The Urgent Health Crisis Facing Black and Indigenous Communities
Filmmaker Dominique Rémy discusses her new documentary examining the rising maternal morbidity and mortality rates among certain peoples of color.
Maximillian Alvarez
Hunter Biden Is the Unwitting Poster Boy for Our Sham Meritocracy
"Beautiful Things," a new memoir by the president's son, offers a revealing glimpse into the lives of America's ruling class.
Jacob Bacharach
Just 3 Democrats Stand in the Way of the PRO Act Coming to the Senate Floor for a Vote
Facing pressure, Sens. Joe Manchin and Angus King have signed on to the landmark labor bill, leaving just three Democratic holdouts: Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly and Mark Warner.
Jeff Schuhrke
Rashida Tlaib on Defunding the Police: “Property Should Not Have More Value than Human Life”
The democratic socialist congresswoman explains why the U.S. needs to tackle systemic racism by investing in social programs, arguing that "police can't be the answer to all these ills in our country.”
Rashida Tlaib
AOC and Ed Markey Want a Civilian Climate Corps. Here's What It Could Look Like.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey just introduced a new plan to employ millions of Americans in good-paying jobs that respond to climate change. Who's in?
In These Times Editors
The Neoliberal Fantasy at the Heart of 'Nomadland'
Chloé Zhao's Oscar-nominated film erases capitalism as the cause of economic pain, instead telling a story of individual suffering.
Arun Gupta and Michelle Fawcett
Rural America
Caught in the Drain: How a Plan to Reuse Wastewater Could Strangle the Santa Fe River
As climate change tightens its grip on the arid West, water managers are focusing on wastewater as a source of “new” water for cities.
Denise Fort
Joe Biden's Afghanistan Announcement Is Not What It Appears
The United States may be withdrawing its troops in September, but that doesn't mean it's ending its decades-long military engagement.
Norman Solomon
The Struggle for Unhoused Pregnant Women to Find Shelter
Bad rules keep pregnant women from accessing family shelters.
Candace Y.A. Montague
Letter to the Editor
What Some in DSA Get Wrong About Socialist Alternative
Disagreement is inevitable in any political movement, but a recent In These Times essay examining “entryism's” threat to the Left demands a response.
Grace Fors
A Debate Over Carbon Capture in the Infrastructure Bill Could Test the Labor-Climate Alliance
President Biden wants to include carbon capture technology in his push for infrastructure investment. While unions are on board, some climate groups are keeping quiet for now.
Rachel M. Cohen
This Republican "Working Class Party" Thing Is a Clown Show of the Highest Order
Try harder, Ivy League scum.
Hamilton Nolan
Rural America
Towards a World Without Roadkill: Appalachians Make the Case for Wildlife Crossings
In Southern Appalachia, highways fracture the habitat of bears, elk, deer and other wildlife. Locals are pushing to make roads safer for animals and drivers.
Frances Figart
A Worldwide Workers' Revolt Against Amazon Has Begun
Bessemer was just the beginning. Amazon workers from Italy to India are uniting to form a global movement that may have found Jeff Bezos’s Achilles heel.
Luis Feliz Leon
Pennsylvania Nurses Near Their Breaking Point
Brandee Brown and Chrissy Newton of Schuylkill Hospital Nurses United explore the challenges of collective bargaining during a global pandemic.
Maximillian Alvarez
Robert Reich: Don't Buy the GOP's Phony Anti-Corporate Turn
Republicans may lash out at Coca-Cola for being too "woke," but they have no interest in challenging big business' grip on our politics.
Robert Reich
The Long Struggle Against Giving Up
The failed Amazon union drive in Alabama will be vindicated by history.
Hamilton Nolan
The Message from the Amazon Union Defeat in Alabama Is Clear: Keep Organizing
The union’s loss in Bessemer shows the urgent need for both labor law reform and organizing at a mass scale.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
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