Bet­sy Elich Van­der­cook, like Hillary Rod­ham Clin­ton, grew up in Park Ridge, Ill. Unlike Hillary, her hero became Eugene Debs rather than Saul Alin­sky. Still, she enjoys writ­ing sto­ries about her child­hood class­mate and will be per­form­ing a new Hillary piece — Tidy­ing Up Hillary” — on Jan­u­ary 21 and 27, at the 2018 Fil­let of Soul Fes­ti­val at the Life­line The­ater in Chica­go. After that, she looks for­ward to writ­ing about some­thing else.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Hillary
A friend of Hillary's confronts her collection of memorabilia on the anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration
Remembering Hillary’s Entry into Politics—For Junior High President
The story of Hillary Clinton's first campaign and her outrage at Nixon's 1960 defeat—plus her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Hillary for Class President
Chocolate Chip Cookies and Her Eighth Grade Campaign