Bill Fletch­er, Jr. is Exec­u­tive Edi­tor of Black​Com​men​ta​tor​.com, the imme­di­ate past pres­i­dent of TransAfrica Forum, and the co-author of Sol­i­dar­i­ty Divid­ed: The Cri­sis in Orga­nized Labor and a New Path Toward Social Jus­tice.

Nel­son Licht­en­stein teach­es his­to­ry at Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia San­ta Bar­bara, where he directs the Cen­ter for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democ­ra­cy. He is the author, most recent­ly, of The Retail Rev­o­lu­tion: How Wal-Mart Cre­at­ed a Brave New World of Busi­ness, a por­tion of which was adapt­ed for this InThe​se​Times​.com fea­ture.
SEIU’s Civil War
American workers need a labor movement grounded in social justice, not fractured, fighting unions.