Charmaine Lang (she/​they/​sista docta) is a Black queer woman from South Central Los Angeles who now resides in North Carolina. All of Charmaine’s work is grounded in Black Feminist Praxis. She has been part of the reproductive and racial justice movement for over a decade as an organizer, writer, and facilitator. As a scholar, Charmaine has presented on Black women’s well-being and organizing traditions. Her scholarship contributes new perspectives on history and the connections between gender, health, and race, using Black Feminism to explore the intimate lives of Black women.

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Why Journalists Must Speak out About Gaza
Attacks on journalism and media are dangerous to us all.
Aja Arnold, Rae Garringer, Rebecca Chowdhury, Tina Vásquez, Irene Vázquez, Victoria Bouloubasis, Charmaine Lang, Nour Saudi and Lewis Raven Wallace