Ellen Bra­vo directs the Fam­i­ly Val­ues @ Work Con­sor­tium, a net­work of 21 state coali­tions work­ing for poli­cies such as paid sick days and fam­i­ly leave insur­ance. Before help­ing start FV@W, Ellen was the direc­tor of 9to5. Her most recent book is Tak­ing on the Big Boys, or Why Fem­i­nism is Good for Fam­i­lies, Busi­ness and the Nation.

Ellen has served on several state and federal commissions, including the bi-partisan Commission on Leave appointed by Congress to study the impact of the Family and Medical Leave Act. She’s a member of the leadership team of Caring Across Generations, and on the boards of Working America and the Progressive States Network. Among her commendations is a Ford Foundation Visionary award and the Francis Perkins “Intelligence and Courage” award. Ellen lives in Milwaukee with her husband; they have two adult sons.

The Right to Call In Sick
Portland joins a growing number of cities adopting paid sick leave ordinances.