Jack­son Koep­pel is the exec­u­tive direc­tor of Soular­dar­i­ty, a grass­roots mem­ber­ship orga­ni­za­tion work­ing for ener­gy democ­ra­cy in High­land Park, Mich., and its neigh­bor­ing com­mu­ni­ties. Liz Veazey is net­work direc­tor at We Own It, a nation­al net­work for coop­er­a­tive mem­ber-own­er rights, edu­ca­tion and orga­niz­ing with a focus on rur­al elec­tric coop­er­a­tives. Johan­na Bozuwa is a research asso­ciate with The Next Sys­tem Project at the Democ­ra­cy Collaborative.
Jackson Koeppel is the executive director of Soulardarity, a grassroots membership organization working for energy democracy in Highland Park, Mich., and its neighboring communities. He serves on the leadership team of Empower MI and the board of Detroit Community Wealth Fund, and is an active member of the Power Shift and RE-AMP networks. He lives and works in Highland Park. Liz Veazey is network director at We Own It, a national network for cooperative member-owner rights, education and organizing with a focus on rural electric cooperatives. Liz is a member of the RE-AMP network steering committee, the Power Shift Network board and the Mode Shift Omaha board. She lives in Omaha, Neb., where she’s an active customer-owner of Omaha Public Power District. Johanna Bozuwa is a research associate with The Next System Project at the Democracy Collaborative. Her work focuses on transitioning away from the extractive, fossil fuel economy and building towards resilient and equitable communities based on energy democracy.
The Green New Deal Must Put Utilities Under Public Control
Community ownership of power is the most promising path toward equity, democracy and renewable energy.