Joey L DeFrancesco is an orga­niz­er, artist and musi­cian based in Prov­i­dence, RI. He is a pro­gram devel­op­er and inter­preter at the Slater Mill muse­um. He recent­ly cre­at­ed the muse­um’s labor his­to­ry pro­gram and curat­ed the exhib­it The Moth­er of All Strikes: The Tex­tile Work­er Turnout of 1824.

David Segalis the exec­u­tive direc­tor of Demand Progress, and a vis­it­ing fel­low at the Yale Infor­ma­tion Soci­ety Project. He is a for­mer Rhode Island state rep­re­sen­ta­tive and a for­mer mem­ber of the Prov­i­dence City Council.

Labor History: The First Factory Strike
In 1824 in Pawtucket, R.I., women weavers led the mother of all strikes.