Liv Owens is a Member of Women for Weapons Trade Transparency focusing primarily on the role of gender and emerging technology within the realm of militarization. 

They are also an educator, and focused on participatory, public research around privacy, literacy, and consent online. They are hopeful for and working towards a world in which data-extraction + surveillance technologies are resisted and self-determination and safety online (and offline) are prioritized.
President Biden sits at a desk in profile behind a translucent glass door.
Israel & Palestine
“Unprecedented” Loophole Will Obscure Arms Sales to Israel
The Ukraine-Israel aid bill effectively lets Israel purchase $3.5 billion in arms in complete secrecy.
Janet Abou-Elias, Lillian Mauldin, Mekedas Belayneh, Rosie Khan, Liv Owens and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency