Michael Gra­bell cov­ers eco­nom­ic and labor issues for ProP­ub­li­ca. He has pro­duced sto­ries for the New York Times, USA Today, NPR and the CBS Evening News. His inves­tiga­tive work has includ­ed sto­ries on the TSA, the Lance Arm­strong dop­ing alle­ga­tions, chem­i­cals stored near schools and neigh­bor­hoods, and a bus fire that killed 23 nurs­ing home patients. Before join­ing ProP­ub­li­ca, Gra­bell was a reporter at the Dal­las Morn­ing News. He is the author of Mon­ey Well Spent?, a book about Pres­i­dent Obama’s stim­u­lus pack­age and his efforts to revive the econ­o­my from the Great Recession.
The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed
Hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers are stuck in low-wage temp jobs, despite working for America's largest companies.