Moshe Mar­vit is a fre­quent con­trib­u­tor to In These Times. He is a fel­low at The Cen­tu­ry Foun­da­tion and an employ­ment dis­crim­i­na­tion and labor attor­ney. He is the coau­thor, with Richard Kahlen­berg, of Why Labor Orga­niz­ing Should Be a Civ­il Right. Leigh Anne Schriev­er was a labor pol­i­cy intern at The Cen­tu­ry Foun­da­tion in the sum­mer of 2015. Her past work has focused on employ­ment law issues in the Unit­ed States, includ­ing wage theft, mater­ni­ty and pater­ni­ty leave, and paid sick leave.
With Traditional Unions on the Decline, Can Members-Only Unions Breathe Life Back Into Labor?