Orga­nized Com­mu­ni­ties Against Depor­ta­tions (OCAD) seeks to stop depor­ta­tions in our com­mu­ni­ties through mobi­liza­tion, advo­ca­cy and edu­ca­tion. OCAD emerged out of the work of the Immi­grant Youth Jus­tice League and since 2012 OCAD has led pub­lic cam­paigns to stop depor­ta­tions in Illi­nois. OCAD helps fam­i­lies fight depor­ta­tions of loved ones by con­nect­ing them to the prop­er legal venues and infor­ma­tion that can make the dif­fer­ence between stay­ing in this coun­try or get­ting deported.
The Anti-Trump Resistance Must Not Fall Into the “Good” Vs. “Bad” Immigrant Trap
With renewed focus on the DREAM Act it's important that any immigration reform benefit all undocumented people.