Paige Oamek is a fact-checker and editorial intern at The Nation. Their writing appears in In These Times, The American Prospect and elsewhere.

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Will Lithium Mining Turn California's Salton Sea into a Green Energy Sacrifice Zone?
Once a tourist destination, the Salton Sea faces ecological collapse, toxic dust storms—and maybe a lithium boom.
Paige Oamek
A Former Sundown Town Passed Reparations and Rent Control. Now It's Fighting to Keep Them.
Culver City’s first Black Mayor, Daniel Lee, wants to make California the bastion of progressive politics some imagine it to be.
Paige Oamek
Student Loans are a Burden for Black Educators. Cancel Them.
A conversation with Stacy Davis Gates, the vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union, about why canceling student debt is a labor issue.
Paige Oamek
How To Build Fierce and Worker-Centered Unions
A Q&A with an organizer about her new book and on building worker power through resilience.
Paige Oamek
Youth to Biden: Drop Debt
Democrats may be doomed in the midterms without student debt cancellation.
Paige Oamek
Meet the High School Students Who Organized Thousands to Walk Out for Amir Locke
Twin Cities teens demand a true ban on deadly "no-knock" warrants, a broken promise from Mayor Frey.
Paige Oamek and Maggie Duffy
Big Pharma’s Big Lie About Vaccine Patents
Companies say that sharing vaccine recipes wouldn't boost manufacturing soon enough, but now we know that's not true.
Sarah Lazare and Paige Oamek