Pat­ty Kar­lin is the own­er of Bode­ga Goat Ranch, which she has been oper­at­ing for 30 years, orig­i­nal­ly mak­ing cheese as Bode­ga Goat Cheese and then Bode­ga Arti­san Cheese. The ranch is on the Sono­ma Marin Cheese Trail, which points peo­ple to the ranch for tours and cheese tast­ings. She also oper­ates a Bed and Break­fast through AirBnb, called Patty’s Farm­stay in the town of Bode­ga, con­sults with start-up dairies, and gives home cheese mak­ing classes.
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Why a California Dairy Goat Rancher Doesn’t Owe Her Soul to the Company Feed Store