Rae Garringer is a writer, oral historian, and audio producer based in southern West Virginia where they were raised. They are the founder of Country Queers, a multimedia oral history project documenting rural and small town LGBTQIA2S+ experiences since 2013. Rae is currently editing an anthology of essays and poems by queer, trans, and two spirit Appalachian writers, and their first book Country Queers: The Story of a Homegrown Oral History Project is forthcoming from Haymarket Books in 2024.

ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Why Journalists Must Speak out About Gaza
Attacks on journalism and media are dangerous to us all.
Aja Arnold, Rae Garringer, Rebecca Chowdhury, Tina Vásquez, Irene Vázquez, Victoria Bouloubasis, Charmaine Lang, Nour Saudi and Lewis Raven Wallace