LORET­TA J. ROSS is an activist, author and uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor with a 45-year his­to­ry work­ing in social jus­tice move­ments that focus on white suprema­cy, human rights and fem­i­nism. She has co-authored three books on repro­duc­tive jus­tice. ROBIN MAR­TY is a free­lance reporter cov­er­ing abor­tion access and the author of the forth­com­ing Hand­book for a Post-Roe Amer­i­ca (Sev­en Sto­ries Press, Jan­u­ary 2019). FARAH DIAZ-TEL­LO is senior coun­sel for the SIA Legal Team, which trans­forms law and pol­i­cy so that peo­ple who end their preg­nan­cies out­side the for­mal med­ical sys­tem can do so with dig­ni­ty and with­out pun­ish­ment. Her home is in New York City, but her heart is in Texas forever.
How to Prepare for a Post-Roe America