Roger Mor­ris and George Ken­ney are both For­eign Ser­vice Offi­cers who resigned on prin­ci­ple. Mor­ris left the State Depart­ment after the 1970 inva­sion of Cam­bo­dia. Ken­ney left in1991 over pol­i­cy in the Balka­ns. Both writ­ers are award-win­ning authors. Mor­ris’s Between the Graves: Amer­i­ca, Afghanistan and the Pol­i­tics of Inter­ven­tion, will be pub­lished in 2010. Ken­ney pro­duces and hosts a pod­cast at Elec​tricPol​i​tics​.com and serves on the In These Times Board of Edi­tors. A ver­sion of this arti­cle appeared on the Huff­in­g­ton Post.
A Diplomatic Casualty of War
Matthew Hoh’s warning to Obama goes unheeded in Afghanistan.