Tish O’Dell is a Senior Staff member at the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. She has assisted communities throughout the United States organize and pass laws for community rights and rights of nature for over 12 years. Tish began organizing in her hometown of Broadview Heights, Ohio, which successfully campaigned to adopt the first Home Rule Charter amendment in Ohio, creating a Community Bill of Rights banning new gas drilling, fracking and injection wells in 2012. Tish has also been featured in the documentary We the People 2.0, appeared on the Thom Hartmann Show and The Daily Show and is one of the editors of the 2021 book Death by Democracy: Protecting Water and Life — Frontline stories from Ohioans fighting corporate and state power. She has written articles published in the Ecologist, TruthOut, Common Dreams, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Columbus Free Press and appeared on many podcasts and webinars, including Damages, The Julie Rose Show (NPR), Living on Earth, and a four-part European Parliament webinar Towards a European Recognition of the Rights of Nature.”

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East Palestine: “We Basically Nuked a Town with Chemicals So We Could Get a Railroad Open”
Companies should never again be allowed to do what Norfolk Southern did to this Ohio community.
Tish O'Dell and Chad Nicholson