This Earth Day, Common Ground Urges us to Rethink Our Relationship With Soil
Regenerative agricultural practices can be transformative, but only if we let them.
Siri Chilukuri
This Emerging Green Technology Could Decarbonize Buildings and Provide Good Union Jobs
In New York and states across the country, thermal energy networks are helping unite the climate and labor movements while hastening a just transition away from fossil fuels.
Sara Van Horn
The cover of a book reads, “Dismantling Green Colonialism: Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region.” At the bottom of the cover, there’s a picture of women sitting down in a desert, one of them holding a megaphone. In front of the book, there’s a picture of Hamza Hamouchene with his arms crossed and of Manal Shqair smiling.
Israel & PalestineInterviewClimate
From Gaza to Atlanta, There is No Climate Justice on Occupied Land
An interview with Hamza Hamouchene and Manal Shqair on the militarization of climate politics
Ivonne Ortiz
Pollution is Displacing Black Midwesterners. White Homeowners are Profiting.
Black people in the Midwest are 33% more likely to receive lung cancer diagnoses than those living in the country's 38 other states.
Adam Mahoney
In a protest crowd, a closeup on one protester holding a sign that says "Hochul: Build of Burn"
FeatureClimateThe Socialism Issue
New York Socialists Won Big On Climate. How Did It Happen?
We don't have to settle for neoliberal half-measures.
Liza Featherstone
How Montana Youth Turned the Tables and Won an Unprecedented Climate Victory
For the first time in U.S. history, a judge ruled young people have the right to a livable climate.
Nick Engelfried
In a Summer of Record Heat, These Striking Workers Are Making Climate Demands
Pennsylvania workers represented by United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America have been on strike since late June. They're fighting for a green overhaul of the rail industry.
Sarah Lazare
Climate Justice is a Disability Issue
Efforts toward inclusivity and accessibility could make climate solutions better for everyone as a result, advocates say.
Jessica Kutz
We Can't Afford To Ignore Cop City
In These Times Executive Director Alex Han asks us to imagine a world where the needs of the people outweigh the powerful.
Alex Han
How A Utility Giant Tried (and Failed) to Build a Pipeline Under Brooklyn
Brooklyn residents didn't learn about the new pipeline project from National Grid until two years into its construction. They were able to stop it anyways.
Sara Van Horn
Colombian Peasants Are Taking on an Irish Multinational— and Being Met With Violence
Indigenous leaders protesting cardboard packaging giant Smurfit Kappa Group face threats and retaliation.
Tomás Ó’Loingsigh
Can Mayor Brandon Johnson Create a Green New Deal for Chicago?
Johnson ran on a promise to make environmental justice central to policy making. Now that he’s in office, organizers expect him to deliver.
Kari Lydersen
Biden Betrays Youth With Willow Project—and Breaks His Own Promise
We need a youth movement more powerful than the fossil fuel industry. Why Sunrise Movement organizers are fighting to end the fossil fuel era.
Dejah Powell
A Pipeline Brings Gas and Revolt to Southern Italy
“We thought nothing like this could happen in Italy until we found ourselves right in the middle of it.”
Alessandra Bergamin
DispatchClimateRural America
Will Lithium Mining Turn California's Salton Sea into a Green Energy Sacrifice Zone?
Once a tourist destination, the Salton Sea faces ecological collapse, toxic dust storms—and maybe a lithium boom.
Paige Oamek
Opposition from Progressives and Republicans Could Sink Manchin’s Fossil Fuel Permitting Deal
The West Virginia senator is “getting desperate” as objections to his permitting deal grow louder, saying he’s a victim of “revenge politics.”
Jake Johnson
FeatureCover StoryClimate
How Far Would You Go to Stop Climate Change?
A landmark legal victory opens the door to direct action.
Jack McCordick
We Need a New Constitution
When every branch of our government is corrupt to the core, where do we go from here?
Basav Sen
The Supreme Court Is Gutting the Regulatory State. Let's Look at Our Other Options.
It's time to talk about public ownership.
Thomas M. Hanna
The Movements Taking Climate Action Where Politicians Won't
The world's most existential crisis has all but fallen off Washington's agenda. But campaigners are finding success in more immediate targets.
Donna Katzin and William Minter
“Solidarity Is How We Win”: After Years of Fighting Toxic Scrapyard, Activists Celebrate a Victory in Chicago
By protesting and going out on hunger strike, environmental justice advocates helped stop a controversial metal scrapper from being built on Chicago’s Southeast Side.
Keisa Reynolds
The Existential Danger of Using the Ukraine Invasion to Ramp Up Fossil Fuel Production
Just as scientists warn we must drastically shift away from fossil fuel extraction, the Biden administration is pressing for more oil production.
Sarah Lazare
What's Missing in Don't Look Up? A Real Call to Climate Action.
The new Netflix hit offers a searing satire, but its website's action steps are wanting.
Mitch Jones
Why COP26 Flopped
Western observers want to blame India for the failure of the UN climate talks. Not so fast.
Basav Sen
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