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Sunday's Rally in New York Is Just About Israeli Hostages—that's Not OK
"I cannot call for the release of the hostages without an explicit demand for an immediate cease-fire and an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza."
Ellen Lippmann
Israel & Palestine
50,000 "Uninstructed" Wisconsin Voters Send Biden Clear Message to End Genocide
Tuesday's primaries in Wisconsin, New York and Connecticut showed there is such strong disapproval of Biden's support for the Israeli assault on Gaza that it could cost him the general election.
Christina Lieffring
InterviewIsrael & Palestine
“This Is a Movement of Hope": Wisconsin's Uninstructed Campaign Has Momentum
The Uncommitted national movement has reached Wisconsin, perhaps the most critical swing state in the country, for the April 2 primary. To learn more, In These Times interviewed Wisconsin organizers Reema Ahmad and Kyle Johnson, as well as elected officials Francesca Hong and Ryan Clancy.
Riley Roliff
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Labor's 2024 Political Dilemma
Biden’s support for the genocide is indefensible, but we still need him to win.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
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The Protest Song the IDF Tried to Silence
More than 40 years after the master copy was seized by Israeli forces, Zeinab Shaath's “The Urgent Call of Palestine” will be reissued on March 26.
Iman Husain
A child sits sideways looking through a torn canvas wall.
Israel & Palestine
Defunding UNRWA Was Never About Hamas
The refugee agency is a reminder that Palestinian refugees exist and have inalienable political rights—a truth the Israeli government finds deeply inconvenient.
Yousef Aljamal
A hand holds up a button that reads "I voted."
Israel & Palestine
In an Apparent Rebuke, 14% of Chicago Democrats Voted Blank or Write-in for President
Tuesday’s primary results show more than 40,000 Chicago Democrats declining to select a choice for president, as voters around the country cast protest votes over President Joe Biden’s support for the Israeli genocide.
In These Times Editors
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Aaron Bushnell Will Be Venerated Like Rachel Corrie Was Before Him
Twenty-one years ago, Rachel Corrie gave her life to serve the Palestinian cause. Today, her legacy lives on.
In These Times Editors
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Aaron Bushnell's Sacrifice Was a Deeply Loving Act
War resister Rory Fanning reflects on Aaron Bushnell's legacy.
Rory Fanning
CultureIsrael & Palestine
Digital Resources for a Free Palestine: A Roundup
In the face of Israel's attacks on Palestinian cultural institutions, we've compiled a list of resources to center and honor Palestinian culture.
Iman Husain
A sign in the foreground says "UNCOMMITTED" in red with Arabic text above, and a small image of a ballot with "uncommitted" checked and Biden unchecked. In the background is a woman in a hijab.
Israel & Palestine
Your State May Not Count Your "Uncommitted" Vote
Different states have different ways voters can lodge protest votes, if they choose to. We’ve compiled a list of state primary rules below.
In These Times Editors
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Thomas Friedman Is a Dinosaur, and a New World Is Here
"Ultimately, Friedman’s latest op-ed isn’t really a criticism of Israel’s actions—it’s a plea that Israel please, please make sure people don’t think badly of its actions."
Yasmin Nair
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Complicity in Genocide—The Case Against the Biden Administration
Israel’s mass bombardment of civilians in Gaza is being facilitated, aided and abetted by the United States government.
Azadeh Shahshahani and Sofía Verónica Montez
Israel & Palestine
The ADL Wants to Conflate Critiques of Israel with Antisemitism. That Won’t Make Jews Safer.
As conservative pundits mainstream antisemitic tropes, the ADL is instead focused on silencing expressions of Palestinian solidarity.
Samuel Hoadley-Brill
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“Terrorist” Rhetoric Makes Us All Less Safe
“Terrorism” is a term that lumps everyday Palestinians and Nelson Mandela in with ISIS and white supremacists. Is it time to retire it?
Dayton Martindale
ComicsIsrael & Palestine
How Can We Get Alan Dershowitz to Shut up Forever?
New comics about Alan Dershowitz, the NYPD, COP28 and a fantastic play on The Wasteland.
Photo of a protest showing three people along the bottom of the photo. Two are wearing graduation caps. One in the center is wearing a kufiya over their mouth and nose and is looking at the camera.
Israel & Palestine
The War on Education—in Gaza and at Home
The Right is using Palestine to further its assault on higher ed and recruit centrists to its cause.
Alberto Toscano
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“Ya Termine De Votar Por El Menor De Los Males. No Votaré Por Joe Biden en 2024.”
A menos de que Biden cambie drásticamente su rumbo sobre Palestina, los votantes musulmanes—votantes críticos en estados clave—no votaran por él, y los demócratas no podrán culpar a nadie más que a sí mismos.
Saqib Bhatti
InterviewIsrael & Palestine
Has Biden Completely Lost Michigan? Voters are “Uncommitted.”
A new campaign in Michigan is urging voters to vote "Uncommitted" in the upcoming presidential primary instead of President Joe Biden. One of the leaders of the campaign says “a vote uncommitted is a vote for humanity.”
Eman Abdelhadi and Layla Elabed
CultureIsrael & Palestine
Letters From Gaza
“I yearn for our voices to echo across the globe with the truth, reaching out to those who seek it.”
Sherell Barbee
DispatchIsrael & Palestine
In a Victory for Progressives, Chicago Is Now the Largest U.S. City to Call for a Cease-Fire
Mayor Brandon Johnson broke a tie in City Council to pass a cease-fire resolution, making Chicago the latest in a string of cities to demand an end to the assault on Gaza.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Black background. The silhouette of a country is filled with black-and-white drawings of houses and buildings. In red, it reads "Palestine" in Arabic.
FeatureIsrael & Palestine
“From the River to the Sea”: Palestinians Resist Erasure
Why many insist on using the phrase.
Maha Nassar
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
ICJ Ruling on Israel Crimes "Poses the Greatest Political Dilemma for the Biden Presidency"
“I only hope that Biden will, on this occasion, stand up for justice.”
Phyllis Bennis
Judges stand at the International Court of Justice, preparing to take their seats ahead of Israel's defense against South African's genocide accusations in the Hague, Netherlands.
Israel & Palestine
“Questions Around Timing”: U.S. Cuts Gaza Aid After ICJ Ruling
An interview with Omar Shakir on Israel’s trial at the International Court of Justice
Riley Roliff and Omar Shakir
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