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Letter From Gaza: "Birdsong One Minute, Missiles the Next"
"We live a bitter existence, facing the specter of death daily, under the weight of an unjust oppressor."
Eman Ashraf Alhaj Ali
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"I Want American Workers to Be United to Make the Occupation Costly, to Make the Israeli Apartheid Costly."
Palestinian activist Issa Amro calls on U.S. workers to fight for for justice and an end to the occupation.
Maximillian Alvarez
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Democrats Cannot "Have Double Standards": An Interview With State Rep. Abdelnasser Rashid
Rashid, the first Palestinian in the Illinois General Assembly, talks with Nashwa Bawab about Gaza, Biden, Wadea Al-Fayoume, and the settler attack on his childhood home of Turmusaya.
Nashwa Bawab
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The Next Target for Protests Against Israel: Ports
Hundreds of protesters took action at ports in Oakland and Tacoma to try and stop the Cape Orlando's progress. Meanwhile, dockworkers in Barcelona called for a cease-fire and announced they would not work on ships carrying weapons.
Kim Kelly
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Here are 3 Ways the U.S. Media Tries to Justify Israel’s Attacks on Civilians in Gaza
From the use of terms such as “human shields,” “terror tunnels” and “Hamas strongholds,” media outlets are covering for Israel’s devastating bombing campaign on Palestinians.
Adam Johnson
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"We Need Eyes on Us for Protection": Unhinged, Murderous Settlers Terrorize Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills
As Gaza faces genocide, extremist settlers in the West Bank are running rampant. One Youth of Sumud activist says: “The Israeli settler militias benefit from this state of war, they are the ones who are ruling this area."
Ryah Aqel
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The AFL-CIO Squashed a Council's Cease-Fire Resolution. What Does It Say About Labor Right Now?
The move illustrates larger dynamics currently at play within the U.S. labor movement as the assault on Gaza rages on. While some unions and labor activists are advocating for an immediate end to the onslaught, most officials are keeping quiet.
Jeff Schuhrke
President Biden sits at a desk in profile behind a translucent glass door.
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White House Requests “Unprecedented” Loophole That Would Obscure Arms Sales to Israel
The measure effectively gives Israel a check to purchase $3.5 billion in arms in complete secrecy.
Janet Abou-Elias, Lillian Mauldin, Mekedas Belayneh, Rosie Khan, Liv Owens and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency
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There Is Hope—and a Growing Movement for Palestine. Join Us in Washington D.C. on Saturday.
The time is now for people from all walks of life to raise their voices and demand Biden call for a cease-fire and for the United States to stop funding war and oppression.
Nashwa Bawab
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“I Am Done Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils. I Will Not Vote for Joe Biden in 2024.”
Unless Biden drastically reverses course on Palestine, Muslims will not turn out for him on Election Day—critical voters in key swing states—and Democrats only have themselves to blame.
Saqib Bhatti
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“I Was Sent Here to Fight for Shared Humanity”: Rep. Delia Ramirez on Why She Backs a Cease-Fire in Israel and Palestine
In These Times Executive Editor Ari Bloomekatz and Rep. Delia Ramirez (D-Ill.) discuss the urgency of a cease-fire, a progressive approach to foreign policy, and why Marjorie Taylor Greene poses such a threat to everyday Americans.
Ari Bloomekatz and Delia Ramirez
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The Growing Jewish Resistance to Israel’s War on Palestine
Jewish socialists and progressives in the U.S. are organizing to say that “never again” means never again for anyone.
Mindy Isser
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“We Need You to Stand Up”: Bernie Sanders’ Former Staffers Call on Him to Back Cease-Fire in Palestine and Israel
Hundreds of former staffers of the democratic socialist senator have signed a letter urging him to back a peaceful resolution to the war in Palestine.
Eloise Goldsmith
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Starbucks Is Exploiting the Violence in Gaza and Israel to Attack Its Union
The president of Workers United writes that Starbucks is endangering its own employees and appears to even endorse a boycott of its own stores. “I am afraid,” said one worker. “My mom doesn’t want me to go to work.”
Lynne Fox
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The Democratic Party Has an Israel Problem. These Progressives Are Trying to Solve It.
As the brutal attacks on Gaza continue, cracks are beginning to show in the Democratic Party’s unequivocal fealty to Israel.
Daphna Thier
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The Mounting Onslaught of Censorship and Suppression
"A failure to stop this new McCarthyism would be to surrender to the forces of reaction that tragically are carrying the day."
Dylan Saba
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Unions and Workers Are Increasingly Demanding a Cease-Fire and an End to Gaza Siege
“The rising escalation of war and arms sales doesn't serve the interests of workers anywhere.”
Luis Feliz Leon and Alexandra Bradbury
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The U.S. Labor Voices Opposing Military Aid to Israel
“U.S. military aid going in is pouring gasoline onto a fire. It encourages that there be military solutions, and military solutions will get more people killed.”
Jeff Schuhrke and Sarah Lazare
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Israeli Apartheid Is at the Heart of the Brutality in Gaza and Israel
The only answer to the horrifying violence is to change the conditions from which it sprang. The first step is an immediate cease-fire.
Phyllis Bennis
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"We Call It a Policy of Slow Killing”: Why so Many Are Calling for the Release of Walid Daqqah
Daqqah, a Palestinian who has spent almost four decades in an Israeli prison, served his full sentence but it has been extended. He is also terminally ill and being denied adequate care. These are some of his writings.
Dalia Taha and Walid Daqqah
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From Palestine to the Black South, Abolition Journalism is Exposing Injustice
Scalawag Editor-in-Chief Sherronda J. Brown on love, Palestine, and the liberatory promise of horror.
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
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Art Against Occupation
Malak Mattar's London show examines the U.K.' s role in Palestinian colonization.
Matt A. Hanson
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In The Face of Lifelong Terror, Gaza Speaks Truth To Power
A Palestinian asks how many deaths will be enough
Refaat Alareer
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Black Lives Matter Activists Declare Solidarity with Palestine
The statement revives the internationalism of the '60s and '70s, when black activists saw themselves as part of a global fight against Western colonialism
Salim Muwakkil