LGBTQ+ Workers Are Organizing to Fight the Right
“You can’t legally be discriminated against based on your identity, but…bosses are going to find any excuse that they want to justify firing people or retaliating against people.”
Maximillian Alvarez
West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin
Coal-State Democrats Push Biden on Silica Rule: What’s the Hold-Up?
The lifesaving rule has been in limbo for 6 months. A recent In These Times investigation named silica as the main culprit in a new surge of black lung deaths.
Kim Kelly
Working Class History Is Happening Before Our Eyes
In These Times Executive Director Alex Han discusses how and why workers are organizing in unprecedented numbers as we speak.
Alex Han
UPS Teamsters Have Authorized a Strike. What Comes Next?
The clock is ticking.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
Amazon Says a Worker’s Death Was Not Work-Related. But a 911 Call Appears to Contradict the Company’s Narrative.
A 911 call, obtained through a FOIA, only cites dehydration as the possible cause of the fatal medical emergency.
Sarah Lazare and Jeff Schuhrke
Neoliberalism Has Wreaked Havoc on Canadian Workers. Now, They’re Charting a New Path.
“Labor has not survived unscathed. It is quite scathed.”
Maximillian Alvarez
Canadian Workers Are Saying No to Precarity
Workers at the Canadian Labor Congress came together to share stories and organizing strategies.
Maximillian Alvarez
How Worker Solidarity Propelled a Union Drive at the Country’s Richest University
Earlier this year, a year-long campaign to unionize 6,000 non-tenure-track workers at Harvard finally went public. A model of member-led organizing helped make it possible.
Dusty Christensen
Can the Teamsters Save Amazon From Itself?
Working at Amazon is a nightmare, some workers say. It doesn’t have to be.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
Workers Organize for Better Conditions After Air Quality Plummets
As smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketed much of the East Coast last week and air quality worsened, some workers organized to try and stay safe.
Paige Oamek and Rohan Montgomery
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