Bernie Sanders Is Putting Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz In the Hot Seat Over Union Busting
Under pressure, Schultz will face questioning in front of a congressional committee headed by Bernie Sanders—the latest in a line of billionaire CEOs to be taken to task for anti-labor behavior.
Jeff Schuhrke
“There’s a Real Fight Coming”: Newly Elected UAW Reformer Daniel Vicente on What's Next
After winning his runoff election, Region 9's new director talks about his vision for a militant UAW.
Luis Feliz Leon
The Hard Head and Wild Heart of Barbara Ehrenreich
Revisiting Nickel and Dimed, Dancing in the Streets, and many more of the late author's groundbreaking books.
Sarah Jaffe
Mick Lynch, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers union, stands on a picket line in London, England.
Rail Workers of the World, Unite!
Railroad workers and union reps from the US, UK, and France discuss the class struggle in their respective countries and how these struggles are connected internationally in this special episode of the ‘Working People’ podcast.
Maximillian Alvarez
Peasant Wages for Lordly Feats
Medieval Times performers strike against dismal pay and hazardous conditions.
Emily Janakiram
Unions Safeguard Workers’ Sweat Equity
To protect the time and labor that workers put into in their workplaces, unions help secure investments in infrastructure that sustain jobs for years to come.
Tom Conway
A video screenshot of a derailed freight train in East Palestine, Ohio.
Wall Street Caused the East Palestine Crisis
Rail companies are trying to turn astronomical 45% profit margins—and no one's stopping them. An interview with railroad worker Matt Weaver.
Maximillian Alvarez
She Refused To Take a Drug Test Before Getting a Workplace Injury Treated—And Was Fired
A worker's arm was mangled in a machine. Before treatment, a manager requested a drug test.
Sarah Lazare
The End of the Warrior Met Strike and the Utter Failure of the Democratic Imagination
The Democratic Party blows its chance in Alabama.
Hamilton Nolan
Voice actor with red X over mouth, Mob anime character reaching out
Anime Voice Actors Speak Out: It’s Not Kawaii When We Aren’t Paid
The union drive in anime dubbing.
Rohan Montgomery
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