August/September 2023 Volume 47, Issue 07

the socialism issue in these times
CultureThe Socialism Issue
Capitalism Is Not “The One”
An exclusive excerpt from Malaika Jabali's new book, It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism, a guide to socialism for budding anti-capitalists.
Malaika Jabali
DispatchThe Socialism Issue
Christian Socialists Are Reclaiming Faith from the Right
For these Christians, religion is no opiate—it’s a profound call to action.
Matt McManus
On Chicago's Northwest Side, Socialists Are Wielding Power in a Whole New Way
For city council members Rossana Rodríguez Sanchez and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, "co-governance" is key.
Jacqui Germain
DepartmentsThe Socialism Issue
Nationalization Is a Great American Tradition
The U.S. government has at various times taken control of radio, railroads, coal mines and banks. Today there are movements afoot to nationalize Amazon, SpaceX, transit and more.
Dayton Martindale
ViewpointThe Socialism Issue
Racial Capitalism Is in Real Peril This Time
The climate crisis is a hard one to buy your way out of.
Barbara Ransby
ViewpointThe Socialism Issue
Socialism at the End of the End of History
Climate change and neoliberalism’s collapse have made the future uncertain. Socialists are faced with a dilemma: How to be ready to seize the moment when we don’t know when or what that moment will be?
Alex Han
DepartmentsThe Socialism Issue
James Weinstein Knew That Capitalism Was Killing Us
In 1976, the first editorial in the first issue of In These Times called for socialists “to speak to corporate capitalism as the great issue of our time.”
James Weinstein
bread tube collage
CultureThe Socialism Issue
Meet the Left YouTubers Blowing Up the Alt-Right Pipeline
The Right has flooded the internet with misinformation. The content creators of BreadTube are doing something about it.
Armand D. Jackson, Ivonne Ortiz and Xuandi Wang
ComicsThe Socialism Issue
Workers of the World, Eat Up!
Brian McFadden
ComicsThe Socialism Issue
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Kendra Wells
LaborDispatchThe Socialism Issue
Democratic Socialists Are Fueling a Hot Labor Summer
From strike support to training organizers and supporting union drives, DSA members are helping to build a fighting labor movement.
Indigo Olivier

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