May 2021 Volume 45, Issue 5

DispatchRural America
"It's a Nightmare": Inside America's Rural Housing Crisis
Across Wisconsin, low-income people are struggling to find quality, affordable housing.
Jack Kelly
How Police "Gang Databases" Are Being Used to Wage War on Immigrants
Wearing a certain colored hat or sporting the wrong tattoo can be enough to get somebody in the system—and eventually deported.
Maurizio Guerrero
In Rochester, A Police Alternative Delivers ... Police
Activists were excited about the launch of a new Person in Crisis team in a city that's suffered a string of police violence incidents—but so far, it's fallen short on its promises.
Sam Mellins
By All Means, Means Test
For anti-poverty benefits, defense comes first.
Max B. Sawicky
When Times are Tough, Tax Credits Are Not Enough
Biden's anti-poverty plan is to expand tax credits—but that doesn't address the root problem of low (or no) wages.
Premilla Nadasen
Want to Save Democracy? Start with Georgia.
Republican-led efforts to restrict voting access in the Peach State speak to a larger crisis across the country.
Anoa Changa
The Numbers Show We Need Action to Stop Anti-Asian Violence
The Senate passed a bill to combat hate crimes in response to the rise in anti-Asian violence. It's a first step—but there's much more work to be done.
Clara Liang
AOC and Ed Markey Want a Civilian Climate Corps. Here's What It Could Look Like.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey just introduced a new plan to employ millions of Americans in good-paying jobs that respond to climate change. Who's in?
In These Times Editors
The Neoliberal Fantasy at the Heart of 'Nomadland'
Chloé Zhao's film erases capitalism as the cause of economic pain, instead telling a story of individual suffering.
Arun Gupta and Michelle Fawcett

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