The “Great Resignation” Is Just Hype
The solution to Biden’s economic problems is simple: spend more money to fuel the recovery.
Max B. Sawicky
How to Live with the New Predator that Stalks the West
Unwilling to share the landscape with grizzlies, wolves and other predators, the U.S. exterminated most of them. With wildfire, we don’t have that option.
Pepper Trail
The Ticking Bomb of Crypto Fascism
The crypto market's inevitable crash will pull America's politics in an even scarier direction.
Hamilton Nolan
A Brief History of How Big Oil Outplayed Us All
For a century, the fossil fuel industry has outmaneuvered regulators and the public to lock in its power and profits, at the world’s expense.
Naomi Oreskes and Jeff Nesbit
A Lot Depends on How Much of a Sociopath Joe Manchin Is
Will he watch the world burn for the sake of civility?
Hamilton Nolan
Stop Buying Holiday Gifts for Your Boss
A third of U.S. workers say they buy presents for their manager. It’s time to end this predatory ritual once and for all.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Running Scared from Inflation Is a Recipe for Ruining the Economy
The specter of inflation is being invoked by Sen. Joe Manchin to block vital social programs in the Build Back Better bill. It's just a pretext for class war.
Max B. Sawicky
Is Money for Nukes More Important Than Paid Family Leave? Congress Thinks So.
With Biden’s Build Back Better bill sidelined, the Senate just approved a gigantic military budget—including funds for “useable” nukes. That’s unconscionable.
Danny Sjursen
Big Panic For a Democracy That Never Was
Donald Trump is no more of a threat to democracy than the U.S. Constitution itself.
Hamilton Nolan
Lauren Boebert Is Inciting Violence Against Muslims. This Can't Be Tolerated.
Boebert’s Islamophobic attacks are a threat not just to Ilhan Omar, but to all Muslims in America. It’s time that she faces consequences for her racist actions.
Junaid Ahmed
Which Side Are You Democrats On?
Even the friendliest Democratic officials are cowards. The labor movement needs to save itself.
Hamilton Nolan
The Time For a Four-Day Work Week Has Arrived
To expand personal freedom, recover from the Covid pandemic and curb the climate crisis—let's embrace a shorter working week.
Anna Coote
The New Inflation Scare Is the Dumbest Thing Since Voodoo Economics
Elites are sounding the alarm over threats of inflation in order to block Biden’s social spending plan. We shouldn’t fall for it.
Max B. Sawicky
Robert Reich: We’re Living Under the Cruelest Form of Capitalism in the World
Wealth inequality has spiraled out of control. It's time to end this vicious cycle.
Robert Reich
Lost Jobs, Lost Democrats
Neoliberal Democrats are struggling to connect with working-class voters whose communities have lost manufacturing jobs.
Joel Bleifuss
Big Pharma’s Big Lie About Vaccine Patents
Companies say that sharing vaccine recipes wouldn't boost manufacturing soon enough, but now we know that's not true.
Sarah Lazare and Paige Oamek
Moral Panics Work
On the poisonous inability to diagnose bullshit.
Hamilton Nolan
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Grading Biden's Build Back Better Deal
What’s in the latest version of Biden and the Democrats’ massive social spending plan? Not everything progressives wanted, but more than might have been expected under a centrist president.
Max B. Sawicky
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