Forget Elections. Build Your Union.
Political power comes from labor power. Not vice versa.
Hamilton Nolan
The War on Gaza Is a Labor Issue
Workers in the U.S. can't look away from Israel's assault on Gaza—our labor is helping fuel the war machine.
Paul Stauffer
Donald Trump Wants to Poison the Soul of the Labor Movement
Trump is trying to court union members by saying he's a "friend" to labor—but he's actually a billionaire scab out to strip workers of their rights.
Jeff Schuhrke
“Ya Termine De Votar Por El Menor De Los Males. No Votaré Por Joe Biden en 2024.”
A menos de que Biden cambie drásticamente su rumbo sobre Palestina, los votantes musulmanes—votantes críticos en estados clave—no votaran por él, y los demócratas no podrán culpar a nadie más que a sí mismos.
Saqib Bhatti
Is Biden Letting Republicans Set the Terms of the Immigration Debate?
“We have given into the Republican narrative in such a way that we’re beginning to sound like them”: A roundtable discussion with Rep. Delia Ramirez, Heba Gowayed, Victor Narro and Carlos Rojas Rodriguez
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
Una mano con forma de bandera americana agarra un alarme de espino
¿Está Permitiendo Biden Que Los Republicanos Fijen Los Términos Del Debate Sobre Inmigración?
“Hemos cedido a la narrativa republicana de tal manera que estamos empezando a sonar como ellos.” Una discusión con Rep. Delia Ramírez, Heba Gowayed, Víctor Narro y Carlos Rojas Rodríguez
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
Louisiana’s Prison System—Brought to You by Big Oil
How oil money turned Louisiana into the prison capital of the world.
Lydia Pelot-Hobbs
The U.S. Should Put Price Controls on All Drugs
Pharmaceutical companies are resisting public scrutiny and suing over modest drug price regulations. It’s past time to regulate their profiteering.
Sonali Kolhatkar
ICJ Ruling on Israel Crimes "Poses the Greatest Political Dilemma for the Biden Presidency"
“I only hope that Biden will, on this occasion, stand up for justice.”
Phyllis Bennis
Israel Is a Top Student of U.S. Imperialism
The legacy of U.S. efforts to "fight terrorism" has always been mass death and displacement. Israel has been taking notes.
Azadeh Shahshahani and Khury Petersen-Smith
Losers, Quitters and the Only One Who Wins
Did the Republican primaries even matter?
Garret Keizer
Here’s a New Tool to Take on Predatory Landlords and Fight Evictions
In California, organizers and lawyers have created a toolkit to protect renters and help mitigate the housing crisis.
Philippa Rizopoulos
Our Union Called for a Cease-Fire. It's About Our Students.
Why the membership of the Chicago Teachers Union voted overwhelmingly to support a cease-fire—and how we see ourselves as part of a larger labor movement for peace and justice.
Dave Stieber
The Real A.I. Fight Is About Who Gets the Gains
It's not labor against technology. It's shared progress versus inequality.
Hamilton Nolan
The Only Solution to the Violence in Yemen and the Red Sea is a Cease-Fire in Gaza
U.S. strikes on Yemen are threatening a wider regional war. Diplomacy, not bombs, is the way to avoid a dangerous escalation.
Phyllis Bennis
On Parenthood and Genocide
A new mother and scholar of forced displacement writes about Israel's mass murder of Palestinian children in Gaza. For this Mother's Day, she is calling for action.
Heba Gowayed
A Second Trump Term Could Spell Economic Disaster
From trade wars to border policy, Trump’s plans if he wins the presidency again are set to make the U.S. economy far worse for working people.
Max B. Sawicky
It's Time to Choose: Democracy, or Billionaires?
The only way to steer American democracy to safety is to wrest money out of the claws of the wealthiest elites, who now control finances rivaling the economies of whole nations.
Sonali Kolhatkar
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