The Food Crisis Didn’t Begin with the War in Ukraine
Even as the failures of industrial agriculture become obvious, U.S. agribusiness aims to force it on the rest of the world.
Jim Goodman
Most Price Increases from Inflation Have Gone to Corporate Profits
The inflation panic is causing some Democrats to pivot from social spending to deficit reduction. That's exactly the wrong approach.
Max B. Sawicky
How To Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine
The Left has an opportunity to support the people of Ukraine and connect international struggles, without endorsing American militarism.
Tobita Chow
How to Jujitsu the Culture Wars
It's time to make Republicans regret that they ever posed as anti-elites.
Hamilton Nolan
One Simple Trick to Protect Workers from Inflation
Union contracts could ensure economic stability among the working class amid inflation.
Hamilton Nolan
Truce or Not, Congress Must Urgently Bring About a Real End to the War on Yemen
Congress needs to pass a War Powers Resolution to end U.S. complicity in the chaos and suffering in Yemen.
Shireen Al-Adeimi
The Troubling Gap Between What’s Offered by Our Social Safety Net and What’s Received
The people most in need often don’t receive public benefits. Here are some ways to fix that.
Jim Pugh, Sean Kline, Teri Olle and Elena Chávez Quezada
Under Biden, Private Detention Isn’t Ending—It’s Changing Form
The Biden administration promised to end private prisons. Instead, it has allowed them to be converted into immigration detention facilities.
Joshua Leach and Hannah Hafter
A New Generation of Palestinian Organizers Has Arisen From the Ashes of the Oslo Accords
From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza to inside Israeli prisons, Palestinians are increasingly embracing collective resistance.
Omar Zahzah
The Mirror of War
The war in Ukraine pits America's capacity for self-reflection against our love for self-deception.
Hamilton Nolan
In Appalachia, the Mine Cleanup System Has Collapsed
Coal companies are declaring bankruptcy. State regulators are failing to hold them accountable. And residents are left to suffer the environmental fallout from abandoned mines.
Dan Radmacher
A More Progressive Response to the Ukraine Crisis
U.S. progressives should condemn Russia’s invasion—and oppose NATO.
Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies
Facts Over Ideology, Peace Over War
Russia is responsible for invading Ukraine, and we have to recognize that.
Terry Burke and Andrew Berman
Biden Throws Labor a Bone, When We Need Steak
The White House's Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment suggests stronger laws are needed for fundamental change in labor movement. So where are they?
Hamilton Nolan
The Fight to Reclaim Colorado's Privatized Rivers for the Public
A fisherman’s lawsuit pushes back against a tide of wealth-driven privatization that seeks to deny public access to waterways and other public resources.
Mark Squillace
Rashida Tlaib: Here’s Where Biden’s SOTU Fell Short
With a stroke of a pen, President Biden could improve lives for millions of working people. To strengthen the state of the union, now is the time for transformative action.
Rashida Tlaib
The U.S. Should Respond to Putin’s Unconscionable Invasion of Ukraine With Diplomacy, Not War
Urgent diplomacy and humanitarian aid—and Russia’s own antiwar movement—could stop the suffering.
Phyllis Bennis
Robert Reich: The Biden White House Is Making a Mistake By Not Tying Inflation to Corporate Power
When we talk about inflation we must also talk about soaring corporate profits.
Robert Reich
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