In The Gap

Black women still only make 62 cents on the dollar compared to white, non-Hispanic men.

In recognition of these ongoing disparities, In These Times presents In The Gap, a 12-episode podcast series. Episodes feature everyday Black women and experts alike sharing their personal experiences and insights on how the gender pay gap, pay discrimination and systemic inequality affects the lives and livelihoods of Black women in the American workforce in 2020. Hosted and produced by award-winning veteran Black journalist Chandra Thomas Whitfield.

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Read interviews with Chandra Thomas Whitfield via Forbes and MadameNoire.

August 4, 2020 26:17
Episode 1: Welcome to In The Gap
The statistics are clear: Black women in the American workforce are typically paid 62 cents on the dollar compared with... more
August 11, 2020 37:22
Episode 2: Roots
Center for American Progress researcher Jocelyn Frye reflects on how the gender pay gap and gender pay discrimination persists today—and... more
August 11, 2020 25:35
Episode 3: The Motherhood Penalty, Part 1
Working mothers, especially Black mothers, face systemic disadvantages in the workplace more often than their childless female counterparts—in terms of... more
August 11, 2020 33:09
Episode 4: The Motherhood Penalty, Part 2: Parenting Discrimination
After pregnancy comes parenthood, and the research shows women, more than male partners, are disproportionately burdened with balancing careers against... more
August 11, 2020 24:18
Episode 5: Blue-Collar Blues Discrimination
Veteran retail worker J., a mom of three and caretaker to her elderly dad, shares her experience battling negative stereotypes... more
August 11, 2020 19:05
Episode 6: Black-enomics
Julianne Malveaux—an MIT-trained labor economist, social commentator and former president of Bennett College, the oldest historically Black college for women... more
August 11, 2020 51:45
Episode 7: “Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate!”
Is asking for good pay the key to getting it? Thirty-something media professionals LaShawn and Danielle share their real-life experiences... more
August 11, 2020 43:31
Episode 8: Pay Transparency
It’s hard to demand fair pay when you don’t actually know you’re being underpaid. Data engineer Megan shares her eye-opening... more
August 11, 2020 24:37
Episode 9: In the Name of the Law
Can I sue? When to sue? How to sue? And more importantly, should I sue? Many Black women struggle with... more
August 11, 2020 31:53
Episode 10: Union Unity
Veteran barista Hiwot Fekadu speaks about her personal experience at Starbucks—one of the locations highlighted by a national union survey... more
August 11, 2020 21:43
Episode 11: Dream Yourself Free
“Rest as resistance?” Womanist scholar and community organizer EbonyJanice Moore continues the history lesson and shares her perspective on internal... more
August 11, 2020 30:04
Episode 12: Reflections
In The Gap host and producer, award-winning multimedia journalist Chandra Thomas Whitfield, is interviewed by In These Times magazine Executive... more
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Chandra Thomas Whitfield is a 2019-2020 fellow with the Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting.