Working People

October 22, 2019 01:26:58
Mark Hardison
In Part I of our two-part episode on workers in the Maine logging industry, we chat with Mark Hardison, a... more
October 17, 2019 27:43
Mini-cast: Update from the UAW Picket Line (w/ John Jayne)
We talk with John Jayne, a GM worker in Philadelphia and member of UAW Local 2177, about the month-long UAW... more
October 13, 2019 01:07:30
Darrow Omar
We talk with Darrow, office coordinator for Portland State University’s Women, Sexuality, & Gender Studies Department and member organizer for... more
September 27, 2019 32:07
Homecoming (w/ Sarah Smarsh)
SPECIAL EPISODE: We chat with the one and only Sarah Smarsh, author of Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard &... more
September 22, 2019 01:39:22
Going to the Mat
In Part II of our season-opening special on indie professional wrestlers, we talk with Noah (The Sorceress), Chris Hutton (Rob... more
September 7, 2019 01:23:58
Angel Blue
We kick off Season 3 with news from Andy O'Brien (AFL-CIO) about a unionization push in the Maine logging industry... more
August 24, 2019 27:24
Mini-cast: (ACTION NOW) Say No to IRAPs
The US Department of Labor has proposed changes to apprenticeship programs that could spell disaster for union workers in the... more
August 4, 2019 22:18
Mini-cast: Pay KY Coal Miners Now! (w/ Josh Holbrook)
We talk with Josh Holbrook, one of the Kentucky coal miners currently protesting coal companies Black Jewel, Black Hawk, and... more
July 26, 2019 23:50
Mini-cast: Show Me What Democracy Looks Like (w/ Astra Taylor)
A section from our chat with Astra Taylor, writer, filmmaker, organizer, and co-founder of the Debt Collective. We talk about... more
July 12, 2019 24:37
Mini-cast: On the Clock (w/ Emily Guendelsberger)
We chat with journalist Emily Guendelsberger about her new book, On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and... more
July 7, 2019 01:11:18
(Unlocked) BONUS EPISODE #20 - Adam Johnson
We chat with journalist, media critic, and cohost of the Citations Needed podcast Adam Johnson about working in the service... more
June 30, 2019 01:01:16
"You Are Not A Loan" (w/ Ami Schneider & Sanders Fabares)
Last Monday, Representatives Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal, and Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled the Student Debt Cancellation Act of 2019, which... more
June 22, 2019 49:29
What to Do if ICE Raids Your Workplace (w/ Diana Marin & Bill Lopez)
In this urgent special episode, we talk with Diana Marin, Supervising Attorney at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, and Professor... more
June 12, 2019 43:16
Mini-cast: Mad about Class (w/ Lyta Gold)
We chat with Current Affairs Amusements and Managing Editor, Lyta Gold, about her latest viral tweet and about why upper-middle-class... more
June 7, 2019 01:21:31
Erin Fristad
We wrap up Season Two by chatting with Erin Fristad. Erin is currently an adjunct professor at a community college... more
June 3, 2019 57:01
Mini-cast: A People's History (w/ David Parsons)
Our friend David Parsons from The Nostalgia Trap podcast comes back on the show to talk about their exciting new... more
May 31, 2019 01:12:25
ORGANIZE! - Democratic Socialists of America, Part I - Jen
To kick off our ORGANIZE! series, we’re talking to folks who have found a home and a cause worth fighting... more
May 27, 2019 26:44
Mini-cast: This Is Not a Rescue (w/ Kaytlin Bailey)
Friend of the show Kaytlin Bailey is back to tell us about the work she's doing at Decriminalize Sex Work... more
May 25, 2019 32:01
Care for One Another & Fight Like Hell (w/ Arielle Cohen)
Activist Arielle Cohen shares her abortion story and some words of wisdom to guide us through these dark times. (All... more
May 19, 2019 01:00:45
Walter Vicente
We chat with Walter Vicente, a Guatemalan immigrant and textile worker in North Carolina. But Walter isn’t just a worker... more
May 14, 2019 01:06:15
Workers' Book Club: Reconsidering Southern Labor History (w/ Keri Leigh Merritt)
We are kicking off our new series: Workers' Book Club! To get things started, our host, Maximillian Alvarez, sat down... more
May 13, 2019 36:38
Mini-cast: Known Assailants (w/ John Tormey)
We chat with John Tormey, writer and track laborer for the commuter rail in Massachusetts, about his essay for The... more
May 7, 2019 20:33
#StrikeUberLyft, Part II (w/ Alexandra Carbone)
We chat with Alexandra Carbone, gig worker and organizer with Rideshare Drivers United, about the #StrikeUberLyft strike tomorrow and how... more
May 7, 2019 34:15
#StrikeUberLyft, Part I (w/ Stefanie Mezigian)
We talk to disability and health activist Stefanie Mezigian about ride-sharing company Lyft's violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act... more
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Maximillian Alvarez is editor-in-chief at the Real News Network and host of the podcast Working People, available at InThe​se​Times​.com. He is also the author of The Work of Living: Working People Talk About Their Lives and the Year the World Broke.

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