Joe Biden Owes His Victory to the Left, No Matter What the Democratic Party Says
Organizers, not consultants, delivered key states like Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. Democrats ignore this reality at their peril.
Rebecca Chowdhury
The Message from this Election? Bring the “Ruckus on the Democratic Party.”
Don't believe the establishment: The 2020 election results are a vindication of the Left’s inside-outside strategy.
Joel Bleifuss
In a Functioning Democracy, Pelosi and Schumer Would Have Already Been Tossed from Democratic Leadership
Democratic Party leaders have clung to a failed centrist political strategy. It’s time to move on—by elevating progressives.
Elias Alsbergas
The MAGA Army Tries to Drag America to Hell
Dear Leader Trump's toy soldiers make one last stand on the streets of Washington, DC
Hamilton Nolan
Biden’s First Priority: Undo the Damage Done by Trump
President Biden can make progressive appointments and executive actions—no matter who controls the Senate.
Rick Perlstein
Instead of Repeating the Obama Administration, Biden Must Do Better. Here's How.
A successful Biden presidency will require immediately making working people's lives better—and this is where to start.
Branko Marcetic
The $15 Minimum Wage Won in Florida, But Biden Didn't. Here's Why.
Activists say the key was actually talking about working-class issues.
McKenna Schueler
This Small City Is Proving That Left-Wing Ideas Can Triumph at the Ballot Box
Socialists just helped pass a slate of progressive ballot measures in Portland, Maine—signaling that voters are hungry for bold policies that favor the working class.
Meaghan LaSala
Bernie Sanders Is Actively Running for Labor Secretary
Coy before the election, the Vermont Senator is now rallying support to join the Biden administration cabinet
Hamilton Nolan
Power Comes From Class War, Not Biden
The Left needs workers more than it needs the Democratic Party.
Hamilton Nolan
Keep Rahm Emanuel As Far Away As Possible From the Biden Administration
Neoliberal architect Rahm Emanuel is reportedly being considered for a top spot in Biden’s cabinet. That idea needs to be immediately thrown in the trash.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
The Great American Election Catharsis Party
In Philly, MAGA dreams meet mathematical realities.
Hamilton Nolan
What Democrats Should Learn From the Spate of Socialist Wins on Election Day
It's not enough to be anti-Trump. Socialists are showing you can win elections by standing for something.
Mindy Isser
Everyone Needs to Be More Furious Right Now
Trump and gangster Republicans are now very openly trying to steal a presidential election.
Hamilton Nolan
Things We Already Know
On Election Day, remember that America has already shown us who it is.
Hamilton Nolan
How Our Politics Came Undone
Under Trump, our notion of shared truth has been shattered. In its place, monsters have swarmed.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Left-Wing Groups Are Filling the Void Left By an "Invisible" Biden Campaign in Michigan
If Joe Biden wins Michigan, he’ll have these independent, grassroots groups to thank.
Eli Day
Trump and the Rotting Core of America
An interview with labor reporter Hamilton Nolan.
Maximillian Alvarez
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