Democrats Can't Afford to Dilute Their $15 Minimum Wage Proposal
The wage increase in the Covid relief bill also applies to tipped workers and others making a subminimum wage. Democrats should fight tooth and nail to make it law.
s.e. smith
Republicans Are Using the Capitol Riot as a Trojan Horse to Target the Left
Since January 6, GOP lawmakers across the country have introduced a slew of anti-protest bills.
Branko Marcetic
Privatization Would Doom Biden's Infrastructure Plan
To meet his goals on equity, jobs and climate, President Biden should push a massive, publicly-funded infrastructure plan.
Jeremy Mohler
Rev. William Barber: The Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage Is a Fight for Racial Justice
Democrats need to stop playing games and use their majorities to pass a $15 minimum wage right now—we can’t wait any longer.
Rev. William Barber
Massive Inequality Is a Feature of Capitalism, Not a Bug
The Biden administration may usher in a new period of reform, but history shows that it's unlikely to last if our economic system remains intact.
Richard D. Wolff
Democrats Need to Radically Expand American Democracy—And Fast
If Democrats want to enact their agenda and retain power, they should move quickly to bolster voting rights and reform undemocratic structures in the U.S. political system.
Scott Remer
The Two Things Unions Traded Away That Handed Workers to Trump
Industrial workers know their unions can't stop plant closures.
Staughton Lynd
A Recipe for Making Change in Biden's Washington
To make it happen, progressives must learn to co-govern and build more power.
Robert Kraig
A Presidential Inauguration Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gun
Presidents change, but the soldiers stay the same.
Hamilton Nolan
We Don't Need to Do This To Ourselves
Turning the nation's capital into an armed camp for Biden's inauguration to prove we don't live in fear.
Hamilton Nolan
Armies of the Right
We all know who the real thieves of the election are.
Joel Bleifuss
Let's Not Become a Bunch of Panicky Reactionaries
The lesson of the Capitol riots is to change the power structure, not to embrace it
Hamilton Nolan
$2,000 Checks Now—And Make Them Monthly
The Democrats’ victory in Georgia was a vote for cash assistance. Prioritizing direct monthly payments isn’t just good policy—it’s good politics.
Sean Kline and Jim Pugh
We Should Cause Trouble, Not Make Nice With Biden
History suggests that it’s not making friends, but making the administration’s life difficult, that gets results for the Left.
Branko Marcetic
Congress Now Has More Socialists Than Ever Before in U.S. History
The high-water mark for socialists elected to national office is in step with a proud tradition in American politics.
Maurice Isserman
With Democrats in Full Control, It's Time to Pass the PRO Act
A conversation with leaders of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.
Maximillian Alvarez
How to Avoid Another Monster Like Trump
It's not enough to denounce the storming of the Capitol. Where Trump brought death and American carnage, Democrats now need to deliver real economic relief.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
The Lesson from Georgia? Democrats Need to Forget the Bosses and Deliver for Working People.
The surprise success of Warnock and Ossoff shows the path to victory lies in offering direct material benefits to the working class.
Natalie Shure
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