Press Release  ·  December 12, 2019

Announcing Our New Partnership with Working People Podcast


In These Times is thrilled to announce today’s launch of a partnership with Working People, a popular podcast about working-class lives in 21st-century America. Starting today, episodes of Working People will be distributed on and via our weekly Working In These Times email newsletter, and we’ll be collaborating on content to ensure that critical working class stories get the platform and attention they deserve.

Hosted and created by Maximillian Alvarez, the podcast features interviews with workers from all around the United States, from all walks of life, including a gig worker in Silicon Valley, teachers in Los Angeles, autoworkers in Michigan, a cook on an Alaskan fishing boat, a grain farmer in North Dakota, sex workers in New York, and more. Through open, attentive and unscripted conversation, Maximillian talks to working people about their life stories, jobs, politics, families, joys, hopes and frustrations. Working People aims to lift up the voices and celebrate the diverse experiences of working-class people, to remind working people that our stories matter, and to build a sense of shared struggle and solidarity between working-class folks around the country.

With over 100,000 downloads in the past year, the podcast hopes to keep growing and to serve as a forum for working people, listeners and guests to share, listen and connect in ways that are so often denied in the mainstream media.

“We're so pleased to be working with Maximillian,” says Jessica Stites, executive editor for In These Times. “Our labor reporting has always been about lifting up the voices of workers and the working-class in all its diversity, and Working People does exactly that. Studs Terkel would be proud.”
In These Times has been an invaluable resource in our collective struggle to build a better world for working people everywhere,” says Maximillian Alvarez. “I can't think of a better publication to team up with. Our convictions and respective missions are deeply intertwined, and I think this is going to be great for them, for us, and especially for our audiences.”
Working People is a perfect fit for In These Times. Reporting on the struggles of working people for dignity and a living wage has been core to the mission of In These Times since it was founded in 1976. We pride ourselves on our rich history of reporting and analysis that lifts up workers’ struggles—and exposes exploitation and injustice. Our independent, nonprofit magazine has consistently adhered to one golden rule: Report from the workers’ perspective, not the boss’s. This new partnership will expand our ability to do just that.