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Biden Talked Rent in the State of the Union—Now He Needs a Real Plan to Deal with the Rent Crisis
The Biden administration can take immediate steps to protect tenants and lower the rent. Here’s how.
Tara Raghuveer
Brenda Johnson de la Federación de Maestros de Minneapolis Local 59 y Eva López de SEIU Local 26 en una reunión en octubre de 2023 donde muchos de los grupos comunitarios y sindicatos alineados alrededor de la fecha límite de hoy del 2 de marzo elaboraron estrategias sobre la mejor manera de aprovechar su poder colectivo.
LaborViewpointEn Español
La Historia Laboral Más Importante en Este Momento Está en Minnesota. Podría Ser El Modelo Que Todos Necesitamos.
Una alineación estratégica de redes de sindicatos y grupos comunitarios en Minnesota ha trabajado durante más de una década para aprovechar su poder colectivo.
Sarah Jaffe
One Portrait Was Too Many. Now There Are 110.
Nayana LaFond’s Portraits in RED series centers the “silent crisis” facing Indigenous women
Sherell Barbee
Trump's Faux-Populism Is Straight out of the Fascist Playbook
Revisiting Trump's demagoguery on the campaign trail.
In These Times Editors
Rail Jobs Don't Have to Be Deadly
Railroad corporations are packing schedules and loosening workplace safety standards. Workers are paying for it with their lives.
Maximillian Alvarez
A sign in the foreground says "UNCOMMITTED" in red with Arabic text above, and a small image of a ballot with "uncommitted" checked and Biden unchecked. In the background is a woman in a hijab.
Israel & Palestine
Your State May Not Count Your "Uncommitted" Vote
Different states have different ways voters can lodge protest votes, if they choose to. We’ve compiled a list of state primary rules below.
In These Times Editors
The Uncommitted Campaign Plans to Send Biden a Message This Super Tuesday
Michigan was just the start. Efforts are underway in multiple states today to tell Biden he must change his policy of unflagging support for Israel’s brutal war on Gaza.
Julia Conley
Minnesota's Labor Week of Action Is a Bold Experiment in Social Justice Unionism
A coalition of unions and community groups are uniting to build worker power and win community demands in what's being hailed as a model for social movement unionism.
Amie Stager
The Era of Abundant Labor Reporting Is Coming to an End
Either the labor movement will support journalism, or the good times are finished.
Hamilton Nolan
The Most Important Labor Story Right Now Is in Minnesota—It Might Be the Model We All Need
A strategic alignment of major networks of unions and community groups in Minnesota have worked together for more than a decade to leverage their collective power.
Sarah Jaffe
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Thomas Friedman Is a Dinosaur, and a New World Is Here
"Ultimately, Friedman’s latest op-ed isn’t really a criticism of Israel’s actions—it’s a plea that Israel please, please make sure people don’t think badly of its actions."
Yasmin Nair
As Norfolk Southern Reports Billions in Earnings, East Palestine Residents Wait for Justice
One year after the Norfolk Southern derailment, families are still struggling to relocate, find work, and access medical care.
Maximillian Alvarez
A First Contract Is Finally in Sight for Unionized Starbucks Workers
After a grueling campaign, Starbucks Workers United and the company announced a major breakthrough this week that’s being hailed as “a very, very big deal.”
Saurav Sarkar
Supporting Palestinian Rights Used To Be Considered Far Left. Now It’s Mainstream.
It’s clear that the Democratic base has moved on supporting Palestinian rights. Leadership needs to catch up.
Sandra Tamari and Saqib Bhatti
How Workers Brought Starbucks to the Bargaining Table
This week, Starbucks and Workers United announced that they’d reached “a constructive path forward” on the future of organizing and collective bargaining at the company.
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
How Kaiser Workers Won
Over 75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers walked out on a three-day strike, marking the largest healthcare strike in U.S. history.
Maximillian Alvarez
A Major Seattle Sandwich Chain Fired a Union Organizer, Sparking Backlash—and Change
Workers at Homegrown voted overwhelmingly to unionize with UNITE HERE in late 2022. They’ve been fighting for a contract ever since.
Maximillian Alvarez
Pessimism Is a Luxury We Can't Afford
The fights ahead are daunting—but the world is ours to win.
Dayton Martindale
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