On Lizzo and Sex and Bananas, Oh My!
At the end of the day, the Lizzo story is not about sex: it’s about labor.
Yasmin Nair
Corporate Greed is a Moral Crisis. Working People Are Fighting Back.
Workers across the country are embracing their power in unprecedented ways. Many hope this “hot labor summer” is just the beginning.
Rosalyn Pelles and William J. Barber II
A New Idea for New Union Organizing
Unions don't organize enough people. Their structure is the problem.
Hamilton Nolan
Strikes Are a Tool to Claw Back Control Over Our Lives
This summer, Hollywood writers and actors are out on strike together for the first time in decades. Their demands go beyond wages and benefits—they’re challenging bosses’ authority to unilaterally decide what work looks like.
Nick French
The ADA is the Floor, Not the Ceiling—We Need More
As many celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act this month, we must renew our struggle for the disability justice our communities need.
Kehsi Iman Wilson
It’s Time to Recalibrate the U.S. Alliance with South Korea
The armistice with North Korea—which marks its 70th anniversary on Thursday—was intended to prevent war, but now it’s only preventing peace. It's time to bring a formal end to the Korean War.
Christine Ahn
The #StopCopCity Movement Didn’t Lose
The Atlanta City Council—and the state more broadly—cannot define “loss” or “victory” for everyday people
Benji Hart
Women, including those with hijabs, shouting and making peace signs.
Sanctions Are an Act of War
Economic sanctions which claim to target authoritarian governments and wealthy profiteers of global conflicts only hurt innocent civilian populations.
Phyllis Bennis
We Can Solve Homelessness (If We Want To)
Our economic priorities have created a serious housing crisis and fueled homelessness. Solving the problem simply requires us to change our priorities from profits to people.
Sonali Kolhatkar
One Weird Trick to Help Solve the U.S. Housing Crisis
In a new book, Richard Kahlenberg explains that decades of arcane zoning regulations have led to our current system of high rents, restrictions on worker mobility, and racial and economic segregation.
Max B. Sawicky
Cop City and the Escalating War on Environmental Defenders
From laws targeting fossil fuel protests to the crackdown on Stop Cop City activists, corporations are calling in militarized law enforcement to crush dissent.
Basav Sen and Gabrielle Colchete
The Dystopian Future of U.S. Public Education Is On Display in Houston
The takeover of the Houston Independent School District by GOP officials is part of a broader attack on public education—but unions and community members are fighting back.
Jackie Anderson, Ruth Kravetz and Jay Malone
In Jenin, Palestinians Resist Against Israeli Helicopters And Drones
The largest Israeli military operation in Jenin since the Second Intifada spells what Israel has in store for Palestinians.
Jehad Abusalim
Remote Work Among the Issues at Play in CWA Election
At their national convention, communications workers are set to decide on a new president—and the future of work-from-home arrangements could be on the table.
Steve Early
We Can't Afford To Ignore Cop City
In These Times Executive Director Alex Han asks us to imagine a world where the needs of the people outweigh the powerful.
Alex Han
If Banks Can Be Bailed Out, Student Debt Can Be Canceled
Biden must act now to make student debt relief a reality—no matter what the Supreme Court says.
Braxton Brewington
Geisel Library at the University of California, San Diego.
The University of California Is Escalating Its Crackdown on Dissent
Three academic workers at the University of California, San Diego, were arrested on felony charges of vandalism and conspiracy to commit a crime. They were using washable markers and chalk.
Rafael Jaime
U.S. Elected Socialists Just Held Their Largest Gathering in Nearly 40 Years
A recent conference brought together democratic socialist elected officials from across the United States—including Bernie Sanders—to collaborate and strategize on advancing progressive public policy.
David Duhalde
Working Class History Is Happening Before Our Eyes
In These Times Executive Director Alex Han discusses how and why workers are organizing in unprecedented numbers as we speak.
Alex Han
Bhaskar Sunkara, Founding Editor of Jacobin and President of the Nation, and Alex Han, Executive Director of In These Times, in conversation on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at Starr Bar, Brooklyn, NY.
How to Build the Media Our Movements Need
Bhaskar Sunkara, Founding Editor of Jacobin and President of The Nation, and Alex Han, Executive Director of In These Times, on building left media that can fight the Right's propaganda machine.
Alex Han and Bhaskar Sunkara
Abortion Rights are Trans Rights
One year after Dobbs, a record amount of anti-LGBT legislation has been unleashed across the country. What’s needed now—more than ever—is solidarity among marginalized genders.
Lexie Bean
Dobbs Means People Like Me Can’t Plan Their Future
A woman reflects on her abortion and says she is “living proof” that it can sometimes be the best path.
How Chicago Broke the Neoliberal Fever
The Windy City has long been a laboratory for free market fundamentalism. But the election of Mayor Brandon Johnson and a landmark number of left-wing City Council members indicates the emergence of a new Chicago school.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Tony Evers Just Signed Off on the Largest Voucher School Expansion in 30 Years
Public school advocates say they feel betrayed by Wisconsin’s “Education Governor” and that the budget package that was on his desk is “a bad deal” that includes “a pittance to public schools.”
Samantha Winslow
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