Black Voters Are Ready. Are We?
Bernie lost with Black voters, but the Left will win if we commit to deep organizing work to earn their trust.
Phillip Agnew
Class Traitors, Welcome to the Revolution
Many liberal professionals who supported Elizabeth Warren took their votes to Joe Biden, not Bernie Sanders. But they may still join a future left electoral coalition if they can face their own precarity.
Maximillian Alvarez
Trump’s “Reopening” Is a Red Herring
We should not concede the language of “reopening” to right-wing liars who are sending poor people to their death.
Sarah Lazare
The Covid-19 Crisis Shows Why Food Should Be a Human Right
With lines at food banks stretching for miles, the need has never been clearer to guarantee food to all U.S. residents.
Paul J. Baicich
Give Every Child a $1,000 Trust Account and the Next Crisis Won’t Be So Bad
To weather the economic wreckage of the Covid-19 crisis—and prepare for future disasters—we should enact a Just Futures Fund.
Jim Pugh
Democratic Socialist Officials Lay Out Demands for Local Government Responses to Covid-19
A just response to the pandemic requires centering working people. Here's where to start.
Democratic Socialist Elected Officials
The U.S. Response to Covid-19 Has Lavished Wealth on the Rich
While the pandemic ravages American workers, the federal government has orchestrated a monumental transfer of wealth from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Look at How Much Sense It Makes to Do the Green New Deal Right Now
We can get out of this depression and save the planet all at once.
Sarah Lazare
The Absolute Minimum That Democrats Should Demand In the Next Stimulus
The next stimulus package must include aid to state and local governments, protections for employed and unemployed workers, and investments in our democracy.
Celine McNicholas, Josh Bivens and Heidi Shierholz
Congress: Either Come Babysit My Kids, or Cancel My Rent
I’m a mother of 6-year-old twins and like millions of other Americans, I can't pay rent—so I'm going on a rent strike.
Jenay Manley
Don’t Believe the Debt Hawks—More Stimulus Is the Only Path to Recovery
Fear-mongering over the deficit is the absolute wrong approach to the Covid-19 crisis.
Josh Bivens
The Real Reason Why the WHO Waited Until March to Declare a Global Pandemic
The 2005 regulations pushed on the World Health Organization by the United States and the Europeans hampered the WHO’s ability to declare an emergency and a pandemic.
Vijay Prashad
Tired of Fighting About Third Parties? Just Enact Ranked Choice Voting.
Rather than scolding voters for wanting more options, we should put in place a more representative system.
Rob Richie and David Daley
Fake Meat Is All the Rage—And It Can Help Us Fight Climate Change
A case for the Impossible: the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Dayton Martindale
Impossible Burgers Won’t Save the Environment—They’re Just a Greenwashing Trend
High-tech fake meat giants are more interested in making a quick buck than mitigating climate change.
Alicia Kennedy
Capitalism Is Failing Its Coronavirus Stress Test—Only Workers Can Turn Things Around
Corporations will only do the right thing if we make them.
Labor leaders
Want to Push Biden Left? Focus on These Appointments.
Appointments will have a major impact on whether a potential Biden administration delivers on progressive policies. Here's what the Left should push for now.
Eleanor Eagan
David Sirota: The Democratic Party’s Tyranny of Decorum Helped Sink Bernie
Sanders could have gone harder against Biden, but ultimately it was the establishment that stood in his way.
David Sirota
Corporations Are Not Letting This Crisis Go to Waste
As the pandemic wreaks chaos, corporations and the GOP are following the shock doctrine playbook.
Jeremy Mohler
This Is a Health Crisis—Stop Treating It Like a War
Even by his standards, Trump is a terrible wartime president
Joel Bleifuss
What Today’s Socialists Can Learn From the Heyday of American Communism
A 43-year-old classic text of Communist history has been rereleased this month. Young democratic socialists should dig in.
Micah Uetricht
Letter to the Editor Regarding Chris Brooks’ April 8 Article
Rory Gamble
Astra Taylor: Bernie Sanders’ Exit Is an Indictment of Our Broken System—Not His Campaign
Voter suppression was stronger than Bernie Sanders' voter turnout plan. And the pandemic has made things worse.
Astra Taylor
The Future Belongs to the Movement Sparked by Bernie Sanders
Sanders may be out of the race, but by advancing a bold left agenda and putting capitalism on trial, he ignited a movement that will redefine American politics.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
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