A campaign season profile of real Progressives


Chris Hedges, author of I Don't Believe In Atheists, profiles the scrappy, tenacious, slowly-growing Vermont Progressive Party over at Truthdig. The party's issues and concerns read like a progressive's wish-list:Here is a political party, founded in 1999, which really does not take any corporate funds and refuses to discuss any potential health care solution but a single-payer, not-for-profit system. Here is an anti-corporate party that seeks legislation to protect small business. Here is a party that demands workers be paid a living wage. Here is a party that calls for state investment in renewable energy. Here is a party that condemns the “two brand-name parties” because they act in concert to “serve the same corporate interests” by “taking the most important issues off the table and preventing discussion of issues important to most Vermonters: health care for all, property tax reform, energy independence.” The progressive candidates, one of whom is making a credible run for governor, seek to represent the interests of the working class. What a novel idea.They're supporting Obama for president, but they are under no illusions that he'll be affecting the kind of sweeping progressive change he promises. "He is not much farther to the left than Hillary, to be honest," quips state Rep. Zuckerman, one of the party's leading advocates." But, it seems, the positives far outweigh the negatives, especially after years of disastrous Republican rule:“He at least inspires people, especially young people, to believe in the institution, that the institution can do good,” Zuckerman said. “This is positive for the country.They look forward to holding Obama's feet to the fire from the left. “When a Democrat is in power, you can say, here are the people who said they were going to do great things,” Zuckerman said. “You can say, where are the results?" It's what all progressives need to ask our elected Democratic officials - where are the results?Worth a read.

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