Alt Press Pick of the Week: Media Gets a Grade of ‘Fail’ on the Fiscal Cliff

Alternative Press Center

It was such a relief that federal leadership avoided economic suicide in the first hours of the new year by compromising on the fiscal cliff” that was poised to plunge the U.S. into deeper recession—or was it? Neil daMause, writing for Extra!, finds that major media outlets failed to articulate the real impact of the compromise.
Citing Citizens for Tax Justice, he argues that the reality of the agreement, in combination with the end of the payroll tax cut, amounts to a shift in the real tax burden from the top 2 percent to the rest of us. In other words, the highest levels of government have decided the answer to a recession they created is to take more money from struggling workers. Read more: ” Sparing’ the 98 Percent—by Taxing Them: Media Fumble Impact of fiscal cliff’ deal.”
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