Corporations Gotta Pay! Audio and Visuals from the Stand Up! Chicago Rally

Taylor Long

Voic­es of Stand Up! Chica­go by Tay­lor Long

Thou­sands of pro­tes­tors wield­ing signs, noise­mak­ers and mega­phones wound through down­town Chica­go Tues­day in hopes of send­ing cor­po­ra­tions a mes­sage — Give Back Our Jobs, Homes and Schools.” 

The ral­ly, which was orga­nized by Stand Up! Chica­go and attend­ed by sev­er­al local unions, coin­cid­ed with the CFO Exec­u­tive Sum­mit at the Hyatt Regency on East Wack­er Dri­ve. Here, pro­tes­tors con­gre­gat­ed with the sup­port of Rev. Jesse Jack­son and demand­ed entrance into the sum­mit. After being denied entrance, 24 peo­ple were arrest­ed in a peace­ful sit-in demon­stra­tion that blocked traf­fic dur­ing rush hour. 

Zul­ma Vio­le­ta Ortiz, a social stud­ies teacher at Kennedy High School and mem­ber of the Chica­go Teach­ers Union, was one of those arrest­ed dur­ing the ral­ly. She says she is tired of being denied pay increas­es and work­ing under poor conditions. 

First they’re not pay­ing any tax­es and then to top that off, when we pay tax­es, they get our mon­ey and then we get noth­ing in return,” Ortiz said. We’re hop­ing to begin to open the minds of peo­ple and for peo­ple to start ques­tion­ing the gov­ern­ment and start to real­ize that there IS mon­ey, just poor­ly allocated.” 

Tay­lor Long is a sum­mer 2011 in These Times Web intern.
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