Bring it on

Abraham Epton

Is "overreach" hyphenated? Is James Dobson, President and Reactionary-in-Chief of Focus on the Family, finally losing it? (Or has "it" been lost all along?) The other day, speaking at an inaugural dinner as part of the Republicans' effort to blow $40 million on possibly the least-worthy cause of all time, Dr. Dobson alleged that Spongebob Squarepants, the lovable, campy animated sea-dwelling sponge, was nothing less than a subversive disseminator of the homosexual agenda, taking part in a "pro-homosexual video" that promotes, among other things, tolerance of homosexuals (to arms, countrymen! The Republic is besieged!) I don't really know what to say, other than "Please, please, please make as big an issue out of this as you possibly can!" The video, which contains over 100 children's cartoon characters singing the disco hit "We Are Family" (making the singling-out of Spongebob particularly bizarre, since he's probably not on-screen for more than 2 seconds), doesn't really address the issue of homosexuality at all. It's really more about multiculturalism, which makes sense since it was founded after 9/11, by the creator of the song, "We Are Family". There is some suspicion that Dobson confused the video with the group We Are Family, a support group for gay youth, although according to the article, when confronted with the possible mix-up, Focus On The Family stood by Dobson's remarks.

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