Changing of the Guard at Uprising

Bhaskar Sunkara

Dear readers,

Over the past few months I’ve managed the impressive feat of being a reporter who doesn’t report. I tried once, ended up getting harassed by a well-armed Canadian gang, and forgot to file anything after I made my escape.

It’s been exhausting.

But we’ve published plenty I’m proud of and I’m deeply appreciative to In These Times for not only bringing me onboard, but giving me an unhealthy amount of creative flexibility and encouragement. Unfortunately, I’m embarking on a new Jacobin-related project — breathless announcement forthcoming — that will eat up too much time for me to continue managing Uprising.

Luckily, I’m passing the reins to Rebecca Burns who’s both super sharp and decidedly less obnoxious than me. And I’ll still be staying on as an In These Times staff writer, focusing on writing more fleshed out interventions for our print magazine. The cover story I co-authored with Peter Frase, for example, will be available online on Monday and will hopefully attract others interested in building relevant socialist politics for our era.

More importantly, In These Times just sent me a box of fancy business cards, so I’m pretty much committed at this point.

Anyway, here are some pieces I’ve posted on Uprising since April. Some of them are bizarre and probably couldn’t have appeared in a different forum.

I’m lobbying for that smarmy headshot of mine to remain on the sidebar, but that looks like a losing battle — the interns turned on me at the last moment.



Bhaskar Sunkara is the founding editor of Jacobin magazine. Follow him on Twitter: @sunraysunray.
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