COPENHAGEN VIDEO: No Borders Network Street Demonstration

Blair Kelly and Alexander Kelly

On Monday, December 14, the No Borders Network (comprised of several different groups) demonstrated outside the Parliament building in Copenhagen, bringing with them roughly 600 protesters and a truck with a sound system blaring techno music and chants from leaders.The protesters surged toward an inflated orange globe (representing 1 ton of Co2), piercing the balloon and cutting its ties. Police attempted to keep the steadily deflating balloon in place, but it was soon rolling across the square until it lay immobile. Riot police and K-9 squads soon quelled the crowed and pushed them back, away from the Parliament building and the completely deflated art piece. The demonstration then progressed, mostly without incident, to Christiania, where the group dissolved into drum circles and dancing.Blair Kelly and Alexander Kelly are American journalists with Investigate West, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative and narrative journalism, reporting at the Copenhagen climate conference.

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