Flanders: Working Families, Unions Losing Patience With Dems (VIDEO)

Jeremy Gantz

Laura Flanders offers a succinct take on the current mood of working families and organized labor, as the recession wears on and President Obama — the man for whom unions spent $200 million during the 2008 election season — fails to deliver on key pieces of labor’s agenda.

Union Families expect more — and top union officials are already expressing strong concerns,” Flanders says, referring to leaders’ statements at last week’s AFL-CIO meeting in Orlando, that if they don’t get more, soon — don’t expect them to be able to deliver or Democrats in the fall.”

To watch the video at GRITtv at full size, go here. (And as a side note, since I’m a GRIT fan, Flanders’ “‘F’ Word” segment is a regular feature on GRITtv, the daily cable/​public TV/​satellite/​web program she hosts. The show has just taken up residence at its new online home at www​.grittv​.org. Lookin’ good, GRIT!)

Jeremy Gantz is an In These Times contributing editor working at Time magazine.

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