Here Are Jobs That Are Being Outsourced Under Trump

Kali Holloway

Nothing about Trump’s vision has anything to do with reality, and U.S. jobs continue to be sent across the border. (Michael Vadon/ Flickr)

This arti­cle was first post­ed by AlterNet.

Again and again on the cam­paign trail, Don­ald Trump made promis­es he couldn’t keep, play­ing on the igno­rance of his base and reveal­ing his own glar­ing mis­un­der­stand­ing of pol­i­cy. The GOP can­di­date repeat­ed­ly vowed to stron­garm com­pa­nies into keep­ing jobs at home instead of send­ing them to Mex­i­co, rene­go­ti­ate NAF­TA and impose stiff import tax­es on for­eign goods. It was a mes­sage that appealed wide­ly to Trump sup­port­ers, blend­ing the illu­sion of eco­nom­ic hope with the rubric of Amer­i­ca First” nationalism.

Prob­lem is, noth­ing about Trump’s vision has any­thing to do with real­i­ty, and U.S. jobs con­tin­ue to be sent across the bor­der. As Bloomberg reports:

Illi­nois Tool Works Inc. will close an auto-parts plant in Mazon, Illi­nois, this month and head to Ciu­dad Juarez. Tri­umph Group Inc. is reduc­ing the Spokane, Wash­ing­ton, work­force that makes fiber-com­pos­ite parts for Boe­ing Co. air­craft and mov­ing pro­duc­tion to Zacate­cas and Baja Cal­i­for­nia. TE Con­nec­tiv­i­ty Ltd. is shut­ter­ing a pres­sure-sen­sor plant in Pennsauken, New Jer­sey, in favor of a facil­i­ty in Hermosillo.

Those com­pa­nies aren’t alone. Indi­anapo­lis-based firm Rexnord is mov­ing 300 jobs to Mon­ter­rey, Mex­i­co, despite a Decem­ber tweet by Trump meant to shame the com­pa­ny into stay­ing. That com­pa­ny is locat­ed just up the road from Car­ri­er, the air con­di­tion­ing man­u­fac­tur­er Trump false­ly claimed to have bribed into keep­ing 1,100 jobs in its home state. Like near­ly every vic­to­ry claimed by the pres­i­dent, it too was a lie. As CNN Mon­ey notes, only 800 fac­to­ry jobs were saved while 500 are still being shift­ed south.

Trump’s false­hood moved a local union leader to declare POTUS had lied his ass off.”

Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the num­bers,” Chuck Jones, pres­i­dent of the local steel­work­ers union, told the Wash­ing­ton Post. I almost threw up in my mouth.”

More smoke-and-mir­rors shenani­gans sur­round Trump’s recent boasts of job-sav­ing at Ford Motor Com­pa­ny. Big announce­ment by Ford today,” Trump wrote in an inten­tion­al­ly mis­lead­ing tweet. Major invest­ment to be made in three Michi­gan plants. Car com­pa­nies com­ing back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!”

But those jobs — there are just 130 of them — had noth­ing to do with Trump. The same is true of the company’s deci­sion to put the brakes on a plan to trans­port 700 jobs to Mex­i­co, announced after Trump crit­i­cized the move on social media. As Reuters notes, both projects were part of 2015 nego­ti­a­tions with the UAW, when Ford said it would invest $9 bil­lion in U.S. plants over four years.” If, as Trump seems to think, a pres­i­dent deserves cred­it for every new job cre­at­ed when he is in office, then the point for this one goes to Obama.

Trump may also be back­ing off of promis­es to raise tar­iffs on incom­ing goods and rene­go­ti­ate NAF­TA. The shift in tone comes on the heels of a series of calami­tous fail­ures that have come to define this bum­bling pres­i­den­cy. Days ago, accord­ing to the New York Times, a draft let­ter sug­gest­ing a soft­en­ing of his views began cir­cu­lat­ing among mem­bers of Con­gress this week.” The report goes on to state that the draft pro­pos­al appears to pro­pose keep­ing much of the agree­ment in place.”

Kali Hol­loway is a senior writer and the asso­ciate edi­tor of media and cul­ture at AlterNet.
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