INSIDE CUBA SLIDESHOW: Pictures from the Island

Commemorating 50 years of revolution in Cuba.


(Photo by Kaloian)

Editor’s note: To culminate our special Revolution at 50” edition, we offer this slideshow of contemporary photographs by Kaloian, a staff photographer for the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde (Young Rebel). All feature the Cuban flag, and none are accompanied by captions — a decision made by Kaloian to erase each image’s specificity and create a generalized sense of life in Cuba, 50 years after the revolution.

All of the photographs were featured in Cincuenta Veces Cuba” (Fifty Times Cuba), a July 2009 exhibit in Cuba commemorating the revolution’s golden anniversary. To enter full-screen slideshow viewing mode (highly recommended), press the four-arrow button at the lower right, above the word credits.”

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Kaloian is a staff photographer with the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde (Young Rebel). He can be reached at kalofotograma@​gmail.​com.
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