Lies and Scandal Are The Real Stories About Palin


Josh Marshall has an excellent analysis about the core ineffectiveness of Sarah Palin's small, "shrill," and nasty little speech last night, (he's got a great title for his piece, too: "Rage We Can Believe In"). Josh is right on about how Palin's speech, while rife with the exact sort of rancor the crowd at the Xcel Center has been lusting after, was not at all attuned to what the electorate at large wants to hear this election cycle. What struck me most about his post, though, was his reference to the fact that the media keeps spinning its wheels chasing after the non-story about Bristol and her baby, (a story McCain's camp is actually encouraging them to chase), and meanwhile is almost totally ignoring the truly alarming rate at which Palin lies about significant issues like pork-barreling, the "Bridge to Nowhere," and the rapidly unfolding "Troopergate" scandal. These are serious stories that call into question her honesty, her character, and her ability to lead. And, again, they completely damn McCain's judgment in choosing her. Let's keep the focuses on the real transgressions, and her troubling views on the issues, as opposed to the tabloid stories, that this political tool from Alaska really brings to the national table.

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