McCain To Christian Right: You Are Agents of Intolerance, Er, I Mean, Uh, I Love You.


For months now Mitt Romney's gotten a lot of deserved flak for basically being full of nasty hot air. Guy would say he believed in military conscription for 2 year olds if he thought it would mean votes. Well, now it seems that strategy has backfired in a major way - voters rejected him because he doesn't seem to believe in, well, anything, and, as the accepted narrative has it, voters have chosen a maverick, a man who marches to the beat of his own drum, a man who has a core strength, convictions, a veteran with a sincere belief in what he sincerely believes in and screw you GOP if you don't like it: John McCain.But remember two years ago when McCain gave a commencement address at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University? The same guy who, seemingly proving his mettle, called Falwell and his Christian Right ilk "agents of intolerance" was now going to speak at a university run by the very-same hate-mongering Christian extremist? Huh?Seems to me McCain's not the only dude who will chuck all convictions overboard if it'll get him in that coveted Oval Office.UPDATE:It is, however, absolutely to McCain's credit that James Dobson, head of Focus On The Family, loathes him so much.

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