Monday night links: “Dostoevsky on the 11 Fullerton” edition


World-The violence in the Congo continues.-A top former Rwandan aide, partially implicated in igniting the 1994 genocide there, was apprehended at a German airport recently and stands indicted under French anti-terrorism laws. The legacy of the Rwandan genocide, which saw 800,000 people slaughtered, is at the heart of the bloodshed today in DR Congo.-The lonely fight for a free media: a single reporter in China is suing her government over the state-sponsored censorship of her work.-Meanwhile, in Thailand, a civil war may be brewing.USA-All your questions about the upcoming Minnesota senate vote recount are answered by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.-Can an 8 year old be tried as an adult? Police in Arizona think so.-Glenn Greenwald talks with the national ACLU's executive director about the priority of restoring civil liberties once Bush is gone. Listen or read the transcript.-Why are the myopic economic architects of our current financial meltdown advising Obama? Dean Baker would really like to know.-Bill McKibben: Obama must take "politically unpopular" action in order to tackle climate change.-Memo to Obama: Don't "fully fund" NCLB - revise it so that it works.Cold here in Chicago. Bite to the wind and a crick in my neck.

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