More “Crypto-Evangelical Code” From Huckabee


Talking Points Memo catches Huckabee's repeated and awkward use of the word "vertical" in his media appearances and connects it to the parlance of the Radical Christian Right.UPDATE:The Carpetbagger Report has more on Huckabee's vertical-ness. Seems ol' Huck wants us to celebrate "Vertical Day." No one really knows what that is, but considering who he is I'm imagining it's Crypto-Evangelical for something relating to God up above, giving UP your sins to God, getting right with God in HEAVEN ABOVE. I'm imagining a vertical column of souls rising to heaven during the Rapture while all non-believers are "left behind." Carpetbagger links to a DailyKos entry on the matter in which this language is described as a "dog-whistle" for evangelicals who want a Radical Christian-Right President and Radical Christian Right America.

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